XII Demos

Dr. Tek

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I've got both the single-player and multiplayer demos of XII, Ubi Softs upcoming cell-shaded shooter.  Since it is kinda a violent, I thought I would ask before submitting the files.  Although violent, these demos are very fun. Would it be alright to post these to the site?
we dont care if its violent

bring it on  
Thats what I thought, too, but thought I would check first, as the game is quite different from anyother one out there, but its quite addictive.
I hope you dont mind if I ask a stupid question. The only single player demo I can find is a UK single player demo. Would that be ok on my OS? (I am American if you dont already know
I did get the multiplayer demo. I have always hated sheel shading but I think I may have just changes my mind. If anyone else is playing the multiplayer demo let me know.