XIII and Deus Ex 2


Seeing I can run UT2003 and Unreal 2 pretty
well on my Computer, I can probably run XIII
and Deus Ex 2 seeing they have an Unreal 2
engine. I'm thinking about getting maybe
both of those game's after they been released.
I seen the Movie clip of XIII and I like how
you can spear your enemy, look's cool.

Anyway my System Spec's is:

Amd Athlon Thunderbird 1400 MHz
MS-6330 Lite Motherboard
384 Meg's sdram PC-133
Geforce 4MX 440 64 Meg ddr
40 Gig hard drive
and some other stuff which Unreal 2 Engined
game's won't worry too much about, although
you'd want sound to hear the screaming.

I could be wrong, but I don't think that XIII is using the Unreal 2 engine. I'm actually not sure what engine it is using, but it is comming out on all platforms (including PS2), and I hadn't heard that it was using the Unreal 2 engine. I could be wrong though

It should run perfectly fine on your machine as I found that it isn't as demanding as UT2003 or Unreal 2.

Deus Ex 2 should also probabally run pretty well, but it will be using alot of lighting effects.

Nevertheless, you'll most certainly be able to run both fine, even if you might need to decrease a few more details in Deus Ex 2.
I just checked and you were correct, XIII uses a modified version of the Unreal 2 engine. I didn't know the PS2 could crank out that kind of power!
I played the XIII demo. When you get over the ineresting comic book feel, you begin to realize the graphics are shabilly done.

But of course I will be getting Deus Ex 2. Although it seems as though it will have lose some of the romance the original had.

get a better gfx card btw...

btw the ps2 runs ut2003. It's not yet...
I'd really like to play XIII. The problem is that I think its rated Mature, and my parents won't let me play it. From what I've heard, XIII innovates on several aspects. The first aspect is the fact that the main character, XIII, is endowed with a 'sixth sense' which brings up comic-book frame windows when something special is happening. This can be a good shot, or an enemy sneaking around a corner. I need to see how this incorporates into gameplay, but if it is any good, then it might be a must buy. However, after seeing the horror that is Viewtiful Joe, a new cel-shaded platformer for the Gamecube, things aren't looking up for XIII. I just hope that the same team that developed Splinter Cell can do something good with this excellent looking game. It also may be that the game is more suited for a console, and so the PC version might not be the best. At any rate, it is worth at least a rental for a console owner, and perhaps one for a PC gamer as well.
I think if the Unreal 2 engine is good enough for people,
so is XIII and Deus Ex 2. It just depend's on how the game
maker's use the Unreal 2 engine that make those games good.

You don't want monkey's trying to make a game using the Unreal 2 Engine. The game then would be all over the

I watched the movie clip of XIII and it's saying at the
end of the clip that it's coming fall 2003, now what doe's
fall 2003 mean? Doe's it mean October?
It means they'll release it whenever they darn well please. Welcome to the unreliable world of game developement.

:Walks away, grumbling about Halo coming out in July:
Yeah, just look at F-Zero GX, Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, and Star Wars: KOTOR. All of those were released way off when they were supposed to be.
I've found out the Recommended Spec's for XIII:

1 GHz processor
256 MB of RAM.
Video card with 64 Megs.

It look like I can run it pretty well.