yay I finally got it!


Portable Sounds (which came out on my birthday) is finally in my possession.

I must admit, Made to Love is one of my most favorite songs EVAH. Although... some of the songs were very similar (and even borrowed lines from) songs from Diverse City. Ah well, it's still good :D
I like Suddenly.
It has a cool beat to it, and also, did you know that Made To Love is an old tobymac song? It was in an earlier cd named "Momentium".

I don't like ALL of Toby Mac's music, but, I like a lot of it exceedingly. Still while he's great by himself D.C. Talk was greater. Sometimes while listening to certain Toby Mac songs I'm just waiting for Michael or Kevin's voice to pop in as it would be so appropriate for it... I MISS THEM GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY T_T Whanannaha :p