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What's the deal? Where is all the GvG and PvP action? I know there are people coordinating this stuff, but there must not be any interest across the guild for advancement in this game beyond just playing it on your own. I think that is what the "guild" is here for. I want to play GvG stuff (since I've never played it before ever), and go into the Tombs of the Primeval Kings also, but it seems like there's only about 10 to 12 people total that are even interested in that at all. And from what it looks like, it's hard to get all of those people together at the same time...

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I realize I could be doing more to promote PvP and GvG, but the first few weeks didn't really build any substantial interest. The forum threads discussing results just kind of died and didn't spark much discussion either.

I am planning on doing some PvP or GvG tonight at 10pm eastern, but I think we'll have to decide what format once everyone has gathered.

Do you have any suggestions to help build interest and participation? I would like to start a second night on a weeknight, but would really try to build enough interest to support that schedule properly.

I think it would also help to get a few team captains signed up. Would you be willing to lead a PvP or GvG team occasionally?
I might be willing to lead a team...

If I knew how to play GvG or PvP. Hehe...

I haven't had nearly enough practice outside of "competition arenas" to be good enough for that. I do well there, but it's totally different than Tombs, GvG, and even Team Arenas.
And that pretty much summarizes why our guild has so little participation, because no-one has had enough practice, including myself. I will be the first to admit that although I signed up to be the coordinator, I don't know much about what it takes to have a good team in GvG or PvP. I would very much like to see SoE move up the guild ladder or even "Spirit of Elijah has won a battle in the Hall of Heros..." message ingame, but we all have so much to learn about the PvP side of the game, that it seems overwhelming.

Loosing in rated GvG matches has been very demoralizing and discouraging. I would urge that we avoid rated GvG matches for the short term. I will work to make contact with God's Chosen to see if they would be willing to play a few scrimages and pass on a little knowledge. We may also want to consider going ahead with a "smurf" guild to practice further and gain more experience and confidence. Until then, lets focus on smaller 4-player teams in the Team Arena (PvP char or enter from Droknar's) or even tombs.

First and foremost, I want PvP to be a time of fellowship for SoE, so don't worry about your skill or experience. Outside competition arenas, the only way to gain that experience is to participate. We are going to loose several matches until we learn to refine/rebuild our characters and teams. I know I had a similar frustration when I played my first online FPS, I kept getting killed. But after a few nights, I was able to do better as I learned some of the tricks. I am certain the same will happen with GW too.
demoralizing?? since those loses ive wanted to play even more since man, i wont be able to tonight but geeze i wanna pwn some noobs and midgets "insert advertisement" like serously in my vid i totally pwned and showed it on "end advertisement" but yeah, im even willling to record stuff again like saturday
Hey ill be there tonight usually having the time so late is really hard on us young east coast people so 10 est is more managable then 1 est :)
OK, maybe it was just frustrating for me. I may have had my expectations going in a little too high.

Anyway, I think the main point is that we work on the basics of PvP and winning a round of fighting. All the other aspects of GvG, as cool as they are, are just additional factors that take away from the basics that we need to learn. Once we get a little better at holding our ground we can start throwing the flag stand, guild lord, and catapults back in.

I'm glad to see a little action on the forums again, it's been pretty quiet this week both here and when I've been in game.
Sorry I did not make ( Friend invited me to go to movies Aeon Flux was cool BTW) I am up always up for PVP and GVG even if I lose it is fun!! I enjoyed the First GVG we did on a Sunday night even if we got spanked it is the company that makes it fun we keep playing and we will get it together!! I think I am off work Next Friday night so I will make plans to be there!!