your favorite Bible version?


Here's my list:

#1 NASB-1995 - For serious college level, literal study. This is one of two versions suggested by my seminary. It uses the recently recovered, older manuscripts from the dead sea scrolls. It has a higher level of English vocabulary to better articulate subtle differences between the words, that most English translations lack. The sentences are structured similarly to the King James which makes this a delight to read along with sermons being presented in King James. Strongs numbers make this version great for word study against the original language. Unfortunately, I do often have to grab an English dictionary because the vocabulary gets very intense.

#2 NKJV - For comparison, high school level study, and teaching out of. This is the version suggested by my seminary for the Masoretic Text, Old Testament. The footnotes do give alternate renderings from manuscripts used in the NASB. Unfortunately, I haven't a NKJV with Strong's numbers.

#3 HCSB - For daily reading with a more literal presentation. Apologetic and Student Apologetic Study Bibles are written for the HCSB, to defend much of the translation. Like the NASB and KJV, Strong's numbers make this version great for word study.

#4 NIV-1984 / NLT - For relaxed, lunch time, daily reading. These versions read almost like a novel. They use a lighter vocabulary that is easy to understand. I always re-read the passage in a more literal translation when I get enough time, because I find my mind wandering during daily readings.