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I've been looking at the game dungeons and dragons because i have enjoyed games like neverwinter nights and icewinddale that use the same rule sets, and i am also a fantasy writer so i enjoy stories in that sort of setting. I was just wondering about the christian perspective about this.
I've heard both sides of the story, I think it's fine as long as it doesn't become your life. Same with any other game.
Yeah I've had alot of driends that have played it and its just a game. Just like any other game, its not reality it ment to have fun.
neverwinter nights is fun but it does have occult symbols in it, granted it doesn't bother some but that's where I draw my line
I think they're both fine.

Stereotyping Neverwinter Nights because they used an occult symbol to portray evil is kind of like saying the Catholic church is evil because they use the Iron Cross as a clergy symbol. The German Army (Nazi army namely) also used it as a medal of honor.
Yeah just because it has a occult symbol doesn't mean its bad.
When I asked a toj member how can u play cs if it has alot of killing in it, they answered its just a game.
I guess your not a Diablo fan.