"Alum" point-and-click adventure kickstarter promotion help!

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Hello CGA,

We (me, my brother) are currently working on a brand new "point-and-click" adventure videogame called "Alum", and we thought we might ask you guys for any support, insight, or tips on getting more exposure to our kickstarter.

Anyway, we only have a few days left for the kickstarter, and are looking for any and everyone we can to help back it, and to spread the word about it before the deadline.

The basis of the story is of our christian world view, re-interpreted into a sci-fi/fantasy storyline, so we felt this forum may be appropriate to spread the word... If you're a fan of those 90's era adventure games (monkey island, quest for glory, space quest, ect.) we feel you'll definitely love our game.

Being that we are a newly formed "studio", we are going to need all the help we can get to get the project funded... Please check out the kickstarter and the trailer video and if theres is any way you think you guys could help, we would deeply appreciate it.

Here's the link to our kickstarter project video "Alum":


Thanks so much in advance for any help/assistance you can offer.

Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone that can help us out.

God bless!

- Luke