Finished Animation Projects from my past year of University

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this seems like the right place to put this thread... I don't really visit here, ever, so, forgive my naivete for what each folder corresponds to topic-wise.

for those who do not know who I am, Hi, I'm Box of Noodles. I've been a part of the TF2 ToJ group for about 3 years now.

I've been studying as an animation student for the past 4 years, with only one more year left before I graduate.

During this most recent past year, I've been steadily working on a lot of projects for school. while I don't consider any of them to be satisfactorily finished, they are what they are, and they received a good enough grade for me to be pleased with their result.

I bring this up because recently I have been telling more about my work within the TF2 group for the past couple weeks, with my finals officially over just two weeks ago. I've been meaning to get the renders of my projects uploaded for them all to see, and now that I finally got them uploaded, I figured why not keep a thread relating to them anchored here.

Here is all the animation work I helped work on or worked on all by myself over the past year of university:
Chronicles of Christ - Jesus Walks on Water >

Chronicles of Christ - Light in the Darkness >

Spring CTV Endowed Film - house party Final Storyboard >

Storyboarding Midterm project - Thirst Animatic >

Storyboarding Final Project - Fishing For The Future Animatic -

3D Special Effects Final Project - Alpha force >

I hope those of you who visit this thread enjoy.