How to get into Minecraft Server

Discussion in 'Minecraft Chapter Forum' started by Wolfeman, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Wolfeman

    Wolfeman Member

    I'm registered. I've posted in several threads. I've been to the website, the FB page and tried to log into the server. I still can't seem to find any way in....

    It's probably something simple I've overlooked but any help would be appreciated.
  2. Puddleyc

    Puddleyc New Member

    Well the game as a whole is down. Notch is moving the server to a faster alternative, as well as some launcher upgrades.
  3. Tek7

    Tek7 CGA President, Tribe of Judah Founder & President Staff Member

    Looks like is back up!

    I was able to log in using both the web browser and the standalone clients.

    As for the unofficial ToJ Minecraft server address, you'll need to contact XionTawa as we don't (to my knowledge) post the address publicly. (Keeping the information private helps prevent griefers joining the server and wrecking the place.)
  4. XionTawa

    XionTawa New Member - all the info you need is on that site (check the "Rules and Info" page, it is not in plain sight to keep people from easily finding it, even though that is not needed now due to a whitelist), but I will need your MC username to add you to our whitelist... :)

    EDIT: ...and our server never went down...just some people had trouble logging in (ME :( ), but actually a lot of people played the last couple days...
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  5. Gaming4JC

    Gaming4JC Member

    Add me to whitelist :D

    I couldn't find an easy way to get whitelisted... :confused:
    Username: G4JC
    I'm the dude that wanders around reddit's server with a cross and smiley. :D
  6. XionTawa

    XionTawa New Member

    Adding you now... :)
  7. Gaming4JC

    Gaming4JC Member

    Thanks! :D It's a pretty neat server, I got stuck on a fence and a door by the church though. To be expected in minecraft beta I suppose. :p
  8. XionTawa

    XionTawa New Member

    /spawn FTW :)
  9. inyearstocome

    inyearstocome New Member

    Hey, I'd like to join the server.

    Username: kotusifali
  10. toj-Grey

    toj-Grey New Member

    sorry about the wait, added you now.
  11. M_Unlimited

    M_Unlimited New Member

    I would like to join too....

    Username: M_Unlimited

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