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Discussion in 'Visual Arts & Game Design' started by rustom, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. rustom

    rustom Tribe of Judah Dota2 Chapter Leader

    Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to post a little project that I've been working on. It's a classic 2D tower defense game where you build towers and stop the enemy from reaching your base. It's still in the stone age and there is ALOT of work that needs to be done (upgrading, selling, and other mechanics).

    Here is the alpha version with two levels :D

    Link: edit: waiting for next version...

    Source: github

    Latest version of Java (v8)
    Open GL 2.1
    Windows - if you're running on a different OS, just post and I'll add the appropriate files to make it run on it.

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  2. The Mighty Gerbil

    The Mighty Gerbil Tribe of Judah TF 2 Chapter Leader & CGA Admin Staff Member

    Interesting. Nice to see these forms getting use. I'll have to put some time in later on to look at it.
  3. rustom

    rustom Tribe of Judah Dota2 Chapter Leader

    I kind of rushed this so I removed the link and will re-add a better and improved version of the game some time soon, but the source is still there.
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