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Discussion in 'Redeemed General' started by Bro.T, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Bro.T

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    Legion is out and I don't see much of anything going on with Redeemed. I have been getting a number of inquiries from folks looking for a guild on a PVP server. I have done some research and every Christian WOW guild I have found that is still active is on a normal server.

    So, what's the story? Is Redeemed dead?
  2. Auggy

    Auggy Member

    I think it's on life support. My wife and I left a while back because it seemed to be abandoned by the GL with little (none) signs of rebuilding. We're now on Thunderhorn in a guild call Geriatric Kids. I think you have to be 45 years young to get in .
  3. Bro.T

    Bro.T Member

    Thanks for the response, however the lack of one prior to this pretty much answered my question. I am also on Thunderhorn now. I joined Narrow Path, but I have never seen another player online with a toon lower than 100 - cept me of course.
  4. ewoksrule

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    Narrow path is a great guild. We have run with those guys quite a few times.
  5. NeoArk

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    I remember Redeemed...and Sanctification. They had issues with retention and couldn't seem to hold onto new members who often made vain attempts at starting their own guilds. I wouldn't recommend PVP servers unless you have a strong guild backing you that focuses on PVP.

    I vaguely remember Narrow Path back when I tried to get back into gaming during BC. Seemed okay but it didn't last long since it just wasn't enough for me to renew my subscription.

    I'm currently active in Renewed Hope on the Alexstrasza PVE server. I found them on google searching warcraft christian guilds. From what I read on battle.net they're one of the biggest christian guilds in WoW and I'm glad to be part of them.
  6. thestealthpoet

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    The Fish and Bread Trick is still going strong. Horde Christian guild. We were on Ghostlands, but unfortunately the server is on its last legs. We moved to the Dalaran-PvE server just today with a dozen or so of us moving over in the next couple days. We're getting new applicants, and old members are returning. We're mostly content with doing normal raids, but do head into heroic. We're 8/9 in Tomb of Sargeras normal currently. http://www.thefishandbreadtrick.com for more information. Our Discord is public, too, if you'd like to talk with us. Link is on our site. I play Junataro, and you can add me on Bnet with Junataro#1159. I'm happy to talk about the guild. Have an excellent day!

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