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    Starcraft Remastered!

    Going back to old school RTS from now-a-days can be tough. They also have soundtrack remastered. Terran is very noticeable as remastered. Protoss has flutes, violins and other stuff but Zerg has more rock. Their site says they doubled the sample rate.
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    Starcraft Remastered!

    I wonder if anyone else is hyped. Just pre-purchased it. Looks great. Hope they remaster Diablo 2.
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    Sven Co-Op on Steam

    You should try it out if you like HL and coop. Haven't played in years but really enjoy it.
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    Syndicate game free from Origin. An old classic. Don't know expire date, assume soon.
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    Wing Commander 3, Free @ Origin.

    Opened my Origin account and surprised to see it. No idea on expire date.
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    Getting eye surgeries.

    Finished today, its very sore and bruised. They froze, cut, iron my eyelids then stitched up. I can see but hurts when my eyes are open.
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    Getting eye surgeries.

    Just letting you know I'll be getting both eye surgery on July 14, 2014. Hopefully, its good after recovery. My eyebrows are sagging, its rolling my eyelids, causing some headaches and temporary blindness.
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    TF2: Professor Speks Strangifier Giveaway

    Eh. I'll trade offer to the 3 winners. Close this thread.
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    TF2: Professor Speks Strangifier Giveaway

    Giving away Five (5) Professor Speks Strangifiers. Rules: - No Scammer tag - No Vac-banned - Must have Steam and TF2 installed. - Joined CGA forum before Dec. 2013 How to enter: - Post here with ur Steam Name/ID Winners will be randomly selected, notified on private message and added on...
  10. Corpfox BattleTag list

    I thought SC2 friends list would integrate into Hearthstone... Corpfox#1651
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    Also, you should try to get all characters to LvL 10, against AIs to get more cards. Playing against Players on a lower LvL will be frustrating.
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    Happy New Year 2014!

    happy new year ive spammed it on everyone thats online on my friends list.
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    RESOURCE: A list of games with homosexuality in them

    - Fable (Series) - Final Fight (Series) - Ultima 6 - Street of Rage: Remake - Fallout (Series) - Borderlands 2
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    The new Tribe of Judah web site is live!

    I'm not a member of ToJ, so giving me that "Greetings" on my email with a UserID and Password is confusing and possibly a security breach. :confused: