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    Left 4 Dead 2 game night to celebrate The Last Stand update?

    I'd be interested, and should be available in the evening on 10/2
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    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    I recently bought GW2, could i get an invite? ToJ - Kidan GW2 Account - Kidan.3741 Thanks!
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    Upcoming Free Weekend!

    Hey, there's going to be a free-to-play weekend for L4D2 soon
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    L4D Wednesday 10/26 & 11/2

    downloaded this last night, and ready to gnaw on a survivor's brain :D
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    I, for one, welcome our robot overlords

    And the robot overlords pop up in a new location while we're not watching: Siri is the iPhone's voice-responsive, virtual assistant.
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    Read any good books lately?

    There's actually a BUSINESS reason why this occurs. Imagine, that the author had a story they wanted to tell, which ran roughly 230K words. Now, consider that there's a 'sweet spot' of words to cost which makes the difference between a HC version of the book being profitable and being...
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    Read any good books lately?

    Two sites that may interest you. The first is eReaderIq ( it shows not only the free books available for the Kindle, but also allows you to plug in a list and your email address and it will inform you when they drop in price. The second is Baen's
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    Westboro fail
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    Westboro fail

    In a manner of speaking it does. Their entire purpose is to be so explosive and "out there" that they get attacked, and thus can sue for large sums of money. It's entirely a scheme designed to incite those lawsuits.
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    Rusty Hearts

    I played it during the beta and was singularly unimpressed. *shrugs*
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    Dead Gaming Genres

    *shrugs* that's currently vaporware. They're proposed release date is listed as "'When it’s done', but we’re currently shooting for the end of this year." If it gets released, I'll jump for joy.
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    Dead Gaming Genres

    Sorry, but MUDs are still out there, and quite a number of them exist with both active players and active development: Now, the only dead genre I can think of of the top of my head, is my personally beloved space-fighter sim. Think Rogue Squadron, Wing Commander (&...
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    First UbiSoft, now Blizzard

    As a technologist, I can't quite agree with this. You're getting more and more online apps that have offline components, and as stated earlier the KINDLE Web App has an awesome offline mode, while still providing a great experience. Additionally, you have the larger ISPs (at least here in the...
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    First UbiSoft, now Blizzard

    Here's a funny story regarding those things. A true on at that, which happened to me. I don't know how many of you have been to WalMart the past few years, but in those few years, it's become common for them to stop and paw through your belongings when you're leaving the store. This is a...
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    First UbiSoft, now Blizzard

    Taking you last point, first, any system that starts from the point of accusing me that I'm a thief is automatically a BAD SYSTEM from my point of view. I do not appreciate the stance that these companies are taking in that they are actively hostile towards me as a gamer, customer and consumer...