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    Gender Roles in Church...

    So after 20 minutes of reading and some research I found the context in which Paul wrote what he wrong in 1 Timothy 2. Specifically this: It was never meant to be a blanket statement that all women should never serve in the church. Here is the source for my quote...
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    Gender Roles in Church...

    For fairness, I edited my post and didn't see you posted a response. Additionally, it should surprise no one that I will not see eye-to-eye with you on this matter. :)
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    Gender Roles in Church...

    So, I'm not gonna post a long lengthy response as to why you are right or wrong, but I will say this: women leading churches is the least of the Christianity's worries. Perhaps churches should start working making its followers do the love your neighbor thing, first, as most Christians seem to...
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    Migration to XenForo (Sept. 2015)

    The forums look at strange now. But I like the like buttons!
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    So what's everyone playing these days?

    Terraria! and been playing looking for job.
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    Car problems, ramping up car research and shopping

    If you are considering used cars, I would stay away from Hybrid cars that have more than 20k miles on them and are more than 2 years old. Hybrid batteries are still batteries, and all batteries eventually die. You are being way too generous lol.
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    iPad Air for work (and play)

    Negative. I use this.
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    Car problems, ramping up car research and shopping

    If you want to buy something relatively new, I would look at anything from Hyundai or Kia. Seriously. My lady friend just got a 2014 Hyundai Sonata, decently equipped, with 20k miles for $17k. It was $13k without the warranty (used Hyndai/Kias don't get the 100k mile warranty). It also had...
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    iPad Air for work (and play)

    I have an iPad Air I use with a Logitech case and it works well as a note-taking tool for meetings, etc. (notes work real well with OneDrive from MS, too so I can easily access my stuff on my computer once im done taking notes). Its the best tablet I've owned and a good enough laptop substitute...
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    So, the Pope said this today.

    I knew this Pope was different from the last, but wow.
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    [Wildstar] Christian Based - Family Friendly Guild/Clan - SOLA - (Dominion - Orias)

    From what I remember (take that with a grain of salt), GW2 had a pretty good start... as did SWTOR. So, I'm really holding back judgement until I experience the end-game content; that's where all the other games fell on their faces.
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    WoW 30day codes for $10 paypal.

    Really wish they didn't use Paypal.
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    Recent Effort to "Retranslate" the Bible.

    Niniel, I'd be lying if I said I understood what you meant (I'm also pretty tired right now). With regard to your first point, do you mean reading the Bible and interpreting it in a fashion that is consistent with the world as you see it? I guess like picking one verse and running with it as...
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    Recent Effort to "Retranslate" the Bible.

    So, I was on the internets today and saw this. Here is said group's website (as badly as I do not want to link it, I will in the name of bias and balance). Is it really necessary to make the Bible read more conservatively? In some instances they are fundamentally changing the words or...
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    Vita sales today! 2-25-2014

    Tek then you use what's left on other things... :P