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    We're live!

    Yep, feels very nice to play on now, no ping spikes! mp_dynamicpricing 0 is the command to disable dynamic pricing. (currently playing gungame so I cant buy anything to see if it's enabled or not).
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    Keane, anyone?

    I haven't heard much, I will have to give Keane a listen :)
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    [POLL] Game Variations for CS:S - Christian Crew DeathMatch - Christian Crew GunGame - Christian Crew Custom Maps - Christian Crew Zombie
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    Custom Maps for CS:S

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    Proposal: PureFun/ToJ Counter-Strike Source Server

    Sounds like a great opportunity! My thoughts are along the lines of what Atown and Goose62 posted.
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    Archived threads for Xbox Live Chapter

    Hmm..I really need to get unsoftmod my xbox and buy Xbox Live..
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    so what do u do during finals week?

    -Goto work -Play CS -Anything but study.
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    What can I do with a Compaq Presario 5000?

    Fileserver, or router
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    anyone play C&C ZH?

    I didn't like ZH that much, but I did like the Tiberium Wars demo. I prefer the Red Alert branch of the C&C series, but I may buy Tiberium Wars.
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    What systems do you own?

    Desktop PC Xbox (Softmodded)
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    The Pursuit of Happyness

    I haven't seen it yet, I plan to check it out though.
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    Archived threads for Xbox Live Chapter

    Nice xbox :)
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    I think I'm in a similar situation to Killa_S. My school schedule has been ridiculous, I have midterms every 5 weeks, and then finals every 5 weeks. So, basically every 2.5 weeks I have midterms or finals, for 2 different courses. I enjoy the same maps for the most part as Whon :)
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    PureNet, The Music Wire, The Console Offline

    *Looks forward to January 1st.*
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    Suggestions for Christmas themed maps?

    I'd like to thank SirThom for uploading the maps to the server!