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  • I really wanna know what that giant bowl thing is over there. Could have a lot of cereal in that thing.
    Eating a sandwich at Borneo. Gonna pack up soon and hike over to the Control Point of Brazil for some sight seeing.
    God has the power to do anything. I wonder if He plays video games. Maybe we've played with or against God in a game. You never know.
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    The Mighty Gerbil
    The Mighty Gerbil
    ...or maybe we are in a game called life dum, dum, DUM! :p

    All the world's a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players...

    ...but if it's a stage which one is it 1? 2? water? lava?
    There Is A Door. You Can Walk Through That Door. Where Will It Lead You...? Go On. Find Out. Make The Most Of The Unknown.
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