25 Man Naxxaramus Run! (Proposed)

Heroic Naxx Run - 5/18 Recap

/Casts uber long wall of text:

Thanks to everyone for coming out last night, and it's always great to get the guild together for a large run. I really enjoy the comraderie, fun, wisecracks, and fellowship. I'd also like to point out that this is not a "progression run." We have not placed a defined goal of conquering "X" number of wings/quarters per run, etc.

However, in my opinion, we were a bit off our game last night. I think this was due to a number of factors. Many of us are well geared (even for 25man Naxx) and that can create a false sense of security. Secondly, the play - particularly towards the end was a bit sloppy. (/Points finger at self.) Every group/raid can suffer from an off night - no biggie. That being said, I feel it's important to recognize that fact, analyze what went wrong, and move beyond it for next time. In approximately 3 hours of time we downed a total of four bosses. We gave the Military Quarter and Instructor Razuvious a go, but this was the first time our Priests had to Tank him. It's a complex fight that has caused our 10 mans more than a few wipes. This is even harder with 25 due to all of the bodies and chaos running around. Are we capable of the encounter - most definitely yes. The Instructor shouldn't get too comfortable, because we will be back. :D

Patchwerk and Grobbulus were dispatched cleanly and efficiently and were models of what this group can do, and do well. Two-shotted Gluth and our 2nd attempt went quite well when we had 3 tanks on the zombie chow. Just a slight change to our tactic for a great encounter success. Thaddius (IMHO) went very well tactics wise. Great job in keeping the DPS even on Fuegen and Stalag and once we got to Thadd (minus a couple of deaths) the coordination on polarity changes (-/+) and stacking of DPS was spot on. Only improvement there is bumping up our overall DPS on the boss to beat the enrage timer.

First boss in spider went down quite easily which again bolstered (a bit too much maybe?) our confidence. We went for the achievement on the Grand Widow (wiped) and tried again the regular way and wiped in the appropriate (thanks SGA) death order of Apollux -> Xandar -> Zenoir. OK, maybe Adam didn't do his job right because he was not the third to die on our second attempt. :p However, this stage of the night is where we got a bit sloppy and the group's coordination was just not there.

Can we do better? Most definitely yes (and we have). Should we worry about it? No. What I'd like to emphasize is that we maintain a balance between fun and raid progression. Let's keep the chatter down when we get to the bosses (and Military Quarter Trash Mobs) and focus on the task at hand. Mike has a gift for detailed fight explanations so let's respect that and let him speak without interruption. Of course, as we learned, that IS NOT the time for a Toy Train set to be used...

Another facet of our success is Raid Prep. Minor things which lead to the success and efficiency of the raid. Runs are posted in Group Calendar. If you sign up, please show up (on time). If you will be late, please let us know via the forums or in game (thanks Sean and JJ). Are your repaired, have your flasks & elixirs? Food - thanks to all who have invested the time and effort into bringing Fish Feasts. We have no one "designated" in this role for our run and in my opinion, you are responsible for your own food. Having fish feasts (to me) is a bonus, not an expectation. As I've mentioned before, try as I may, I just can't do the e-fishing on WoW thing. So I really appreciate those who do.

Loot rules/expectations have been posted before. Main spec/class gets first priority: Healers - Healing gear, Leather - Druids/Rogues, etc. If there is no one interested the gear will be open for off-spec rolls which means any class/role who can use/benefit from the gear. I'd like that to stay on a friendly loot basis as well. If you won an off-spec roll, please refrain from rolling again if someone else is interested who hasn't won anything yet.

We'll get another run posted for June 1st which gives us two weeks to get ready!! :eek: In all seriousness, I do have a goal of finishing Heroic Naxx as a guild. Once we can down Thaddius, Instructor Razuvious, and The Four Horseman we are "ready" for Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad. At that point we can openly discuss interest in a two night run in order to clear the instance. No rush from my perspective, just something to throw out there. :)
Thanks, Bob! Coordinating that many people in that much chaos takes lots of patience and you show it! :D
UPDATE: Two Nights?

So Mike and I have been discussing a full clear of Heroic Naxx. It would be great to get the achievement as a guild and also allow for us to get the key to Heroic EoE. Our plan would be to postpone or move the Friday Night OS/Vault runs in order to do a Fri. & Mon. night Heroic Naxx.

We're aware that this may conflict with some of you committed to the SGA RAWR runs, but we're going to give it a go in this format first. Additionally, we'll most likely open up a few spots to the SGA as well (again - those not running RAWR). Our next Heroic Naxx run is scheduled for Monday June 1st. If possible, we'd like to make that a Friday May 29th & Monday June 1st two night clear. Plan would be to clear the instance a few times to give folks a shot at some end game (iLvl 226) loot.

A disclaimer as well: Our goal is a full clear, but we have yet to take down Thaddius or the Military Wing. However, once we can down the Instructor, The Four Horsemen, and Thaddius we are ready (IMHO) for Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad. :)

At the moment, this is just our plan. I'll be putting an event for H. Naxx on Group Calendar. Please sign up there and/or let us know of your interest in game and via the forums.
Another quick comment on the proposed 2 day run. Even if you can only make one day Friday for example please let us know that too. We'd like to try and get the some people in on both days, but likely there will be lots of folks with conflicting schedules. If we know some folks are regulars only on Fridays due to their schedule eventually we could swap aroound which wings we do first to get opportunities at different loot for folks etc. Like Bob said we are trying to gauge interest here so please sign up or private message either of us, talk to us on TS, or post in the forum so we can figure out if this will be feasible.
/cast Wall of Text (Rank 10)

Not only am I in with Guilo, but I also think that this is where those people who wish to raid as a Guild should be. Naxx 25 provides the right amount of challenge while still being able to achieve gear upgrades. Personally, I think both Alpha and Omega groups started Ulduar 10 too soon without the proper time spent mastering Naxx 25 and getting it on farm status. We got Naxx 10 to that status, but did not with Heroic because Ulduar came out about that time. I think we were anxious about getting the lvl 226 gear without attaining the lvl 213 gear.

I've been curious why we weren't doing a weekly Naxx 25 instead of the biweekly version. If I know TF is running a weekly H-Naxx, I won't even think about looking for a spot in an SGA run - TF is that much more fun to run with. As I said in the previous paragraph, this is the proper rung of the WoW difficulty ladder that we should be aspiring for. We should reach for the Ulduar rung once we have a very firm footing on the H-Naxx run.

While always keeping in sight one of the foundations of our Guild that we ARE NOT a raiding guild, I highly encourage you to dedicate your properly-geared characters towards making a TF H-Naxx 25 run a priority as it will give us more of an opportunity to peacefully and joyously revel in each other's company in the name of Christian Fellowship.

/dispell Wall of Text (Rank 10)

I wish this run would be n sunday mondays, that way it can be forgiven I can not change the runs that I am doing nif we did sunday monday I think that we would have at least 5 people more from the guild who are on rawr run. to be honest friday nights is not a good time for a run for most that is usually the tieme when people hang with there kids or got to drive there teens around to youth and all that.

Just something to think about.
Personally I was not thinking about Ulduar loot, I never even checked it. I was primarily thinking about "new" challenging content. As far as progression goes, our Ulduar group is doing fine. Our issue is not that we don't meet the gear requirements there, but that it's new, more challenging content and needs to be learned.

The 10 man version of Ulduar is the next lvl of progression from 10 man naxx. (even more so since they nerfed it) And while I don't like cake fights (Like in naxx 10/25 for the most part) I do like hanging out with the guild. I'm fine joining this run on my (Geared) shammy for the fellowship and easy gear upgrades.
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I am all for a 2 day a week run of 25man Naxx. Fri/Mon is fine with me too. I believe I have already signed up for our usual Mon on GC. I will try to remember to put my name on for that Friday as well.
I'm totally all over 2-day 25-man Naxx, except that this summer I'm going to have trouble making any runs on Friday or Sunday nights.
Thanks for your replies everyone!

Looks like we have a winner. I have to work the schedule out with Mike and not sure if we'll start this Friday (May 29th) or push it back to the next week. Should be fun for us though. Please be watching GC for updates and I'll post something on the forums as well. :)
I signed up for tonight (under the Emalon calendar post), but put myself as 'maybe' because my father-in-law is in town. We still usually say goodnight at a point where I can get online in time, but I might be late. If you still need me when I sign on, I am interested in joining you guys, but if my spot is filled, I understand

Great Job!

Nice run last night folks,

21 guildies on the run with four of our friends from the SGA to get us at 25. We cruised through Spider, breezed through Patch, Grobbulus, and Gluth. At our friend Thaddius, we ran into a few problems with charges & peeps dieing but on our fourth try we downed him (guild first on Heroic). After our triumph in the Construct Quarter we were running out of time but made quick work of Noth. 8 bosses in three hours is not too shabby. Without the wipes and long run back to Thaddius we might have cleared the Plague Quarter as well.

Overall it was a really fun run and thanks to all who came. Mike and I are still trying to plan when we can schedule a two night clear of the instance. Keep your eyes on Group Calendar and our next run will be scheduled for June 29th. :D
Big grats on Thaddius! He's one of those fights that is incredibly easy when things go right, and incredibly frustrating otherwise.
Is it just me or is this a simple solution, Rhys?

Drop your other runs and run w/ your own Guild.

think just u, sinc ei dont have a guy that needs anything massive in there, plus I do do 2 guild raids a week , plus 1 sga way to much time :p
i would love to get some full heroic clears of naxx going, just 2 pieces of gear i could use in there and then I'll be fully decked out for some ulduar raiding as well

Finally got enough emblems of valor for the good tanking cloak :)