A Game Card Question


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I'm going to buy Star Wars Battlefront for PC and was wondering if a game card would make any difference.
I've got a Dell Desktop and all my games work fine except for Midnight Club 2 which is kinda slow. But I was wondering if MC2 is slow because of how big it is on the hard drive or if I actually need a game card. I've been really looking forward to getting it but then the game card issue came up. And just to let everyone know I'm not at all familiar with game cards at all! Thanks!
Oh...See! I know nothing about them! Uh I guess it would be a video driver or something. See I've bought both ROTK and Spiderman for PC but when I installed it and tried to open it it said my video cards or drivers were out of date. So I'm guessing I'd have to buy lika a Radeon or something like that.
yeah, he's talking about video cards, if you post your system specs we can probably help you out. Midnight Club 2 ran really slow on my other computer which was just a fine system, but it ran really junky cause MC2 really depends on the video card, so you may or may not be able to run Battlefront.
I don't think Dell Dimension 2300 has a AGP slot open.. but i may be wrong.

Supposing the AGP port is open i think it'll be better to have a decent videocard with upcoming high-end games.
I reccomend the Nvidia Geforce FX 128mb
Get the PCI version since ou have no agp slots, it costs only 100$ and works great. easy to install and you know its ocmpatable because its NVIDIA!
The GeForce FX is a DECENT card, but it's not superb. Plus, it's easy on the wallet. My FX 5200 plays Doom 3 just fine.

As for a Game Card...a Game Card is NOT a Video Card. A Game Card allows you plug in a joystick. That's it. Most computers have one built in anyway.

What video card do you have now? Just go to their website and download the newest drivers and you should be set.
The FX5950 is still an FX series yet with nice graphic power. However I'm sticking to ATI.

I recommend ATI cards. Anything you find higher then Radeon 9600 series will do you well.