A gnomish complication (Chapter 1) The Ratchet Situation

The Summoning Chapter 21

Goblit knew this was bad. Klangdon was screaming. “Even dead he troubles me.” The old gnome giggled. Goblit knew he was talking of the seven foot Darnassusian. They appeared in a Court yard and there was a dark figure, short for a human, and completely devoid of natural life.

“I need more power” he said in a weak voice. “What? Who are you?” demanded Klangdon. The undead figure did not move. “He suffers, alone.” The chanting started, a raspy voice unnaturally projected out of cracking leather of skin dried an eon ago. The buildup of magic was unmistakable. The words were old magic, ones Goblit and Klangdon never heard before. But Goblit recognized the unnatural forces, dividing dimensions. She had used similar magic many times, but never on this level, the hairs on the back of her head.

The chanting stopped, and Inexorable’s voice, tired and weak.”I will save you” it rasped, there was emotion in it. Klangdon looked at Goblit who shrugged. They knew who Inexorable was. The terror of the known world, sounding near in tears. As if reading their minds, his voice grew strong, the laugh was as unsettling as the supernatural powers being released and formed.

“Anquchasis” Inexorable spoke. “Push, brother, f-igh-t t-h-e dar-k-ness. I have summoned friends.” Goblit noticed at the far end of the court yard was another figure, in the robes of a sister of redeemed. Honie. Papatoad’s eldest daughter, and Lightwrath, his youngest son. Both had taken a leave of absence months ago. And Her, the bastion commander of Shadowfang keep. Her warriors were legendary While she did not belong to Redeemed proper, she was Papatoad’s youngest daughter and one of the most dangerous warrior Goblit had ever seen.

Goblit summoned the power and it chilled her, but slowly she gathered the energies around her. She felt klangdon doing the same, if the could find them. She pushed the energies on Inexorable. This seemed better than entering them to herself, Klangdon followed suit. Papa’s children were doing the same, the energies were trying, primal energies not touched in a thousand years.

“BROTHER”! Screamed Inexorable. “FATHER!” joined Lightwrath. Goblit felt the shift from searching energies, to Inexorable latching n to something with the magic. Like all summoning, if was a rage against nature. Dimensions did not like to be bridged, the natural forces of those world, did not like to be unnatural unfurled. The physic scream as inexorable pulled the being from the dimension was terrifying. Klangdon felt Goblit stagger but she kept focus. Her scr4eamed with rage at the dimension holding her Father. It was a horrible sound, but her rage focused her energy and command of that to Inexorable.

Klangdon saw Honie, tears streaming down her face, pain so unbearable his heart went out to her. He focused more of his own magic to the undead nemesis, and Prayed that they were doing right in the eyes of the Father. A unnatural wailing struck with the force of a physical blow, agony beyond measure. “Close it Fools!’ Commanded Inexorable. “I have him, but we cannot let the others into our world.” With one hand Inexorable held a wither wraith form with magic. With the other he uttered a word of power and pointed. “A darkened form exploded and screamed so terrible that Honie and Ligthwrath collapsed and covered their ears.

With the loss of the two light bringers, the portal shut but the magic went wild, Goblit and Klangdon slowly uttered the words of power to control and channel it back to its proper place. “NO” Screamed inexorable. As the vortex close a withering shadow grabbed a hold of the wraith being in Inexorables’s magic grasp. Uttering a word of Power, a black flash so great that both Klangdon and Goblit were amazed at the Hatred and rage contained in it. Inexorable teeth were clenched but his words were clear. “H-E’-s m-i-n-e….m-y fr-ien-d………” the vortex closed and the form suspended in mid air, by Inexorable moaning intelligible.

Inexorable Collapsed to the ground on his knees. “live.. he said hoarsely, and the with more determination. ‘LIVE!” he screamed. The green aura began to surround the wrath form. The magic like tentacles shot into the ground and the court yard began to glow green as the nature magic reconstructed its child. It recognized him. He was a child of the wood. Plants and grass, began to pour themselves into the being, recreating the body that had bee dissolved at the breaking.

Goblit and Klangdon watched in awe as the courtyard blackened, the plant life giving up its own life for the druid. The familiar wash of natural nature magic. Beautiful and heart wrenching at the same time. The life of Papatoad being restored, the nature he loved so much, giving up their own life for him. As if his body were made of sand, each part being restored and created legs, torso, chest , arms and head. The familiar green skin, until he was whole. Then the magic laid him gentle on a final bed of grass. Where his unconscious form laid.

Inexorable was the first to recover, he stood and looked at his green friend as he called him. One by one the circle moved forward. Her was the 1st to approach him. With the daunting gentleness and the grace of a loving daughter she took off her battle clock and laid it over his naked form. Then without a word or turning back, she turned around, played with a jewel on her armor and vanished. Inexorable smiled. Honie bent down to touch him and as she did she collapsed and cried, holding on to her father. Lightwrath, fought his emotions and a single tear appeared as he knelt over his sister and Father. He put his arm around his sister. “its ok, Honie” he said, he’s back. It will be alright. He’s home.

Klangdon and Goblit stood speechless. Inexorable, Looked at Klagdon and Goblit. “ thank You.” He said matter of factly. “He is in your care now.” Inexorable turned and started to walk away. Goblit and Klangdon looked at each other in puzzlement and then Inexorable. “Why did you bring him back??”

Inexorable stopped and cocked his head to the left. “because he was lost” the undead skin stretched over a lipless smile.”

Goblit shook her g\head. “We get that Necromancer!” she sat in her little girl voice. “Why you?”

The laugh was a vile and evil and arrogant as either of them heard.” Because, SISTER Warlock! Only I knew where he was and it took me awhile to figure out how to bring him back. Unfortunately I did not have the reserves of magic I needed. Hence, your summoning.!”

Goblit Stood and mulled that over for a minute. The sister warlock was a chilling comment, she was, but Inexorable was a necromancer, where she summoned beings from other existences, Necromancers, twisted the spirit itself. It was a forbidden art, even many of the undead and horde despised necromancy.

Klangdon asked “why did you bring Papa back, Necro? That’s what we’re asking?” Inexorable smiled vilely. “Because Dear “good” gnome” he spat good like a curse. “I miss our conversations.”

With that inexorable raised an hand and the wind came and he fly away into a thousand particles of sand , the last to fade was his vile smile.

“POMPOUS SHOW OFF! ‘ Klangdon spat. Goblit giggled. “You did not like his little show?” Klangdon shook his head. “That is so unnecessary. A parlor tick to amuse children!” Goblit smiled. “you know he probably did it to get your goat.
” WELL” klangdon exclaimed “it worked!”

After taking a moment to collect himself, they all turned their attention to their newly found old friend. They all were silent. So much had happen since the breaking, families uprooted, loved ones missing, the Dark Portal opened. Goblit sighed. Widows and widowers remarried. Papatoad was resilient if anything. But where had he been, where ever it was it was devoid of warmth or light. He was resting peacefully now. His children around him. “make a portal Klang, we need to get him back.” She issued. “Lets take the big lug home.”
I really hope that Klangdon opens the "wrong" portal and everybody goes through it unknowingly....eeks...
Chapter 22 Papa & Klang

“Oh bother!” Klang thought, the magic’s were right, he felt the correct pull of energy. “Oh dear Father” he muttered under his breath.” It was dark, very dark. His gnomish eyesight wasn’t bothered by it. He could see Papa laying on the ground. The cloak disheveled about his immodestly. HE could not see Honie, Goblit or Lightwrath. He was in a tunnel of some sorts, one he had never been before. He smiled. “Oh an unexplored tunnel. The gnome in him kicked into full gear. The walls we re moist, but not slick enough to be by water. No smell of the sea. “where am I? I should be in Stormwind. Hmmmmm.”

He looked again at the green elf.” I am with Papatoad, there for I could be anywhere and I will mostly regret it!” he amused to himself. The laughter crackled out like only gnome merriment could. He slapped his knee in a resounding crack. He could very well die here. And that made him laugh harder. His eyes were watering, they were lost and alone and in all honest it was his fault. “Oh by the holy father, he said in crackling gasps. “I missed you Papa.”

With speed and belying his size and frustrated klang because it always caught him by surprise, Papatoad scooped him up. “KLANGDON!” he screamed. No he really screamed the noise was nearly deafening.” Papatoad squished him against his cheek like a newborn. “ Dear Lord, have I missed you, I thought I would never see you again, AM I alive/ is this heaven? OH MY GOODNESS< am I GLAD to SEE you!. “ With saying that at the top of his lungs he processed to kiss Klang on both his cheek. The toad green Darnassusian proceeded to hug and kiss him and continued to ramble.

“the voices, all alone, no one, no body , Klang, No body!. He shook the little gnome to emphasize his point. “And your warm oh, beautiful warmth.” The Darnassusian squeezed the gnome against him again. Papatoad continued on. Klangdon barely had time to collect his wits. “they tried to change me, to them , hopelessness, but I held on, BOY! I am hungry, Are you hungry?” He held klangdon out at arms length. “You have anything to eat?” Papatoad asked as he took a deep breath. Then continued. “how long was I gone, and I really REAL? “ Papatoad looked quizzically. “What happened, Klangdon what’s wrong? You look Li-, HEY where’d you go?” Papatoad looked around the dark carven. He spotted the little gnome about ten feet away. His back turned. In his little hand he held the cloak that had once cover Papa.

“PAPA!” Klangdon said with authority. “we’re lost, You’re naked, and I will not have you elf handling me under such conditions.!” Papa looked down and his green skin flushed with the purple hues of embarrassment. “Oh dear me, My apologizes.” Klangdon did not answer. He kept his back turned and just shook the cloak with emphasis. “right “ Papa said and took the cloak and nodded.

Klangdon kept his back turned as he heard some tears and mumblings. “Fashionable, NO?” asked papa. Klangdon turned around not knowing what to expect. There was Papa in all his glory . he had turned the cloak into a makeshift loincloth. He stood with h9is arms extended. Flexing this way and that. Like a child discovering he could do cartwheels.

“papa is that really necessary? ‘ Klangdon asked. “Papa looked excited. “I have a body Klang, don’t you get it? He went again to scoop up the little gnome. Klangdon held his hand with fingers extended. The icy touches of frost magic made their way to papa’s face. “If you elf handle me again.” The mage said. “I will turn you into a block of ice and send someone back for you if I remember where we are.” Papa looked hurt; but he froze with his hands extended and Klangdon remember the void they pulled him out if. “I’m sorry papa’ I just need to think, I do not know where we are?” Papa looked around. “A cave of sorts.” He said matter of factly.” “Ya think papa?” Klangdon said sarcastically. “Papatoad who was either oblivious to the sarcasm just looked around some more. “Yes, I do” he said matter of factly. Klangdon shook his heads and pondered the challenge at hand. He began to point at the air and calculated all his steps before this. Papatoad was walking slowly looking at the walls of the cavern.

“Channeled energy” Klangdon mutter, portal opens, all is normal, step into portal, shift band, we’re OMF!” The air was forced from Klangdon’s lungs. He saw it happen, it was so fast and quick he couldn’t avoid, a portal opened right a above him and something very heavy hit him.

“come on you sons of ..” A small figure in black, popped up from where Klangdon was laying moaning. He had two very wicked looking knives in his hands. He looked at Papatoad and stopped. “Papa?’ he questioned. “Papatoad looked quizzically at the small shape , A dwarf he could tell, then recognition dawned. “Bannard!” you old Goat. With a mighty roar of a laugh the dwarf sheathed his daggers and moved toward his friend to embrace him. Then he noticed. “You’re naked he said as he stopped. “Almost” Papa blushed purple again. Bannard extended his hand as he smiled. “ Fine to see you Lad, I knew you’d turn about!” Papa took the hand and shook it vigorously. “Thank you” he replied.

Awwwww….” The both turned to look at Klang who was now sitting up. “ You are a pregnant age of a dwarf!’ klang said any mood be may have been in now completely ruined. Bannard looked shocked and defense. “What’d mean, I’ve lost weight!” he said sucking in his gut. “NO!” klangdon growled, not your inability not to eat, your blasted protectiveness of your wife!” Klang got to his feet and stumbled a step and shook the cobwebs form his mind. Wow did his head and back hurt. The dwarf had to be least hundred and thirty stones.

He made his way to the wal and put a hand out for support. “I couldn’t figure it out till now. “You used a hunters stone!” Klang accused. Bannard smiled wide and put on his innocent look. But said quietly. “Those would be illegal” he went to continue one but Klangs face distorted in pain. “OAFS!” Klangdon charged “They reason they are illegal is because they cannot be detected and they mess with the portal matrix.” Klang decided to sit down. Gnome, did his head hurt. Papatoad and Bannard just looked at him.

“The way I see it, Master dwarf, is you got your loincloth in a bundle when goblit disappeared. Then you got ready to save her from whatever happened, then remember the hunters stone you probably affixed somewhere in her gather bag and decided to summon her back.”
Bannard eyes narrowed at Goblits name, “She my wife!” he justified “ anything strong enough to pull you from redeemed central” he said using the street name of the Church HQ “ would be a tough client indeed.” He pause and meet klang’s gaze, besides it was supposed to take me to her.”

Klang let out a gasp, he could not fault the dwarf fro loving his companion of over two hundred years, falling on him yes, Loving her, no. He let out a sigh. “ oh Bannard, he said. “ If I summon a portal and us use a hunter stone when I do that on someone in the portal. The martrix disintegrates and everyone gets kicked. “ it was the simplest way to explain. Gnome, did his head really hurt. He checked it for blood. No, it wasn’t bleeding.
“Kicked where? Bannard asked. Klangdon almost thought he looked scared. Klangdon chuckled “ anywhere, everywhere” and he proceeded to close his eyes and slump forward as darkness claimed him.
Closing Chapter 23

A gnomish complication
(Closing, Basic Cliff notes)

Klangdon, Bannard, and Papatoad found their way out of the cave and were surprisingly not far from the Bannard and Goblit’s home in Ironforge. Which after a very water filled trek through Loch Moden and the wetlands. As it was the raining season before winter. Where they surprisingly did not run into trouble and Papatoad did not start any fights. Not even with the traveling gypsies, who Klangdon was sure Bannard and Papa were going to figure out, they were cheating, only to have the events turn in their favor when Bannard got the dice finally. Klangdon was sure they were cheating, but all he got was smiles and winks when he inquired about it the following morning as they made their way through the gates of Ironforge.

Home coming for Papatoad was well received and eventful as the season moved into winter, his children came to see him at his little Redeemed apartment in the hunters mark part of town and stay with him. He returned to Stomwind. Bannard and Goblit fretted about telling him; Danicas had remarried a year and a half after this supposed death. But he took that in surprising stride. He handled all the legalities, as she had retired from service 6 months after his death, and stetted in a small town north of South shore.

He had accepted had allowed her to keep everything, so the magistrates were happy to make it all disappear before and legal issues needed to be pursued. A returning dead loved one usually caused no end of troubles. All of his children return to visit except one. Her. She was on the battle front in Hell fire Peninsula. Along with Lightwrath, who along with his sister, both received battlefield commissions. Both were Lieutenants leading out of Honor Hold. Where Lightwrath’s Knights were know for their Fierceness in battle, they were also known for their compassion and Mercy. Lightwrath ways an adamant believer in the Light, in the All Father, as was his sister. But that’s were their similarity ended. And confused most people that they were brother and sister.

Where Lightwrath was known for his mercy and justice. Her, was known as the Devil Witch of Hellfire. A reputation she did nothing to change. Her scouts were a mix of criminals, thief catchers, estranged druids, drunken paladins, outcast hunters and disbarred warlocks and mages who have been pretty much banded from Azeroth. Every mix of race and profession known in the twin worlds. She was known for taking only suicide missions; her fatality rate was not even marked by high command anymore. On her roster was labeled EXPENDABLE( DO NOT COUNT) in old dwarivsih.

Command loved her, for she spear headed and fought in any and all battles, she pushed the men and woman beyond fatigue, beyond Pain, beyond what should be possible for mortals. Most believed as she wanted; her men and woman were the misfits and outcasts, but she knew better. She handpicked each one. Their pain was unbearable, they all lost something to the demons, to the wars. Virtue, honor, brothers sisters, mothers, fathers, dogs, cats, something, Her thought. Worse some lost innocence, and tears. All were ready to die killing the enemy. She needed that, she was driven.

Redeemed trudge along like it always has, the Father watching over. Many went to the front, some helped here and there. Leadership changed and time as always changes everything. Their main headquarters stayed in Stomwind, and several chapters and chantry houses were in every major city, throughout the known realms.

Papatoad took care of his business, and then settled back in Stomwind for a short while and actually stayed with his eldest son Zygin. Who by trade was a master thief catcher. But he did not stay long their either, He visited Honie for awhile at the orphanage in South Shore, at the Sisters of Redeemed. A REFUGE of displaced children and Honie was in her element. She was third in charge of the school and she couldn’t be happier. But Papa did not feel he was supposed to be there either so within two months he had a wonderful dinner with his eldest daughter kissed her goodbye and left in the night to not cause a fuss.

In the pale moonlight transformed in to a large panther and lived for many months as such. Avoiding sentient contact until he ran a foul in the outlands, the blue bell Fairy Queen in the Wilds of Nagrand. the battle was long and epic. Neither had seen the others kind before and yet they we completely different, and they were very similar. After the long and bloody battle; the two were nearly inseparable.

Well as Stories will go, Papatoad settled in Zangermasrsh, the exotic greens and blues and wet and warm climate appealed to the elf and the Blue bell, who relinquished her throne to her daughter. Cenarion Expedition point is where they finally retired. If you call it that. For an elf such as Papatoad, was borne with the wanderlust. It would not be usual for visiting Redeemed and old friends to knock on a long empty door, only to have a Tauren Druid, who lived next door poke his head out an window and say in very educated and clear common. “That Papatoad, was gone.” Left that morning or 2 moons ago, without so much more than his walking stick, and that the strange blue elf who never left his side. For most still did not know the Fairies existed, and they look similar to elves, if you’re not one. If you miss the wings, eyes and ears, oh yeah, the height.

But this morning would start as so many; the dawn was just poking over the mountains of the southwest of laughing skull. The hot Darnassusian longleaf tea, smelt fresh and flavorful. The steam and smell wafted to Papatoad’s nose and it reminded of a very, very, long time ago. Papatoad Looked out the large widow of the tiny house. It was good to be home, good to be here. The Redeemed chantry was operated by many retired Redeemed well, actually just 4 of them. Neither who even meet before coming here. Neither was ever in the chantry house.

A small map was carved in the door by a master woodworker. It showed the Expedition point, the chantry and then all the Redeemed retires houses. Printed in both common and Orcish were the Words, “Come on over, were much too busy to be sitting here” and lines connecting the houses and the streets. Not that 5 streets and 40 people make much of a city, but everyone knew each other and horde and alliance we actually safe here.

Papa toad went to the door after setting down his tea on the zangwood table and picked up a small bushel and went to the tiny garden in the back. He started to pick the morning fruits and vegetables, and actually thanked the small blue hand that handed him a bunch of violet zangrapes.
Thank you” he replied before he realized who it was.
Your welcome my king!’ came the soft silky voice of the fae.
You were supposed to be sleeping” he replied. As he took her in again, just shy of six feet, the blues and softest skin he had ever know. So beautiful, a head of chestnut brown hair. One would not think the two went together but the did in a very strangely beautiful way. Very thin limbs yet so strong, eyes with black pupils that would seem to suck in the light on command.

“I felt the sun.” She said again as if he understood. The sun was different for the fae. They actually could tell where it is and whether it was shining out. Even If you locked them in a dungeon. A fae’s moods were dependant on it. Keep a fae out of the sun too long, they became bitter and mean. A month in Shadow Moon Valley had taught Papa this the hard way. But then again too much sun and they actually became aloof and kind of stupid sounding. Like someone who was up for 2-3 days. So Zangermasrsh was an awesome balance for Papatoad.

“How did you sleep, my Queen?” he asked
Well! my King and you?” she inquired popping a grape into her mouth. Papa winced.
“I am no king, Lover.” He said
“Well” she said as she stretched. Showing off here elongated body. She did this so unconsciously, that papa was conscious, he was conscious of it. “I am a Queen, and you are my Lover, and that makes you a King!” she said this so mater of flatly Papa had to smile. She fixed her eyes to the west.
“Beloved, what is over there?’ She asked in all seriousness.
“Daggerfen Village?” the green Darnassusian answered.
“And beyond that? She asked
“Angro’mosg! “ he said, “I believe the ogres are there.” He finish.
“And beyond that? She asked

“Nothing” he said, but he could feel the land swelling, not a doom feeling, a birthing.
“Not anymore” the Blue bell fairy queen said. “And smiled very wickedly.
“Is the house ready?” Papatoad asked.
“Always my King, where are you taking me today.” The black of her pupils glowing in reverse, sucking light in.
Papatoad smiled. “West My Love, it looks dark there.” He said pointedly.
“Good.” breathed the Fae, almost seductively at the prospect of new lands and travel, “maybe something will scare me.” She almost purred the word scare as her eye jazzed with black light. Papatoad looked in Fascination, Anything that would scare the Fairy Queen, was not going to be overcome easily. He caught himself smile. Danger always made him smile.

“Luvock!” Shouted Papatoad to the huge Tauren, who was tending his own garden just past the hedge that separated the two homes.
“Yes, yes, Papa, be safe, I know what to do” the mighty Tauren said.
“Thank you!” Papatoad shouted as he shifted to flight form, to be joined a second later as the Blue bell fair queens wings appeared and she joined her King.
“Don’t thank me yet Papa, just make it back home.” The old Tauren exclaimed looking up at the strange duo.
“I will try!” squawked papa,
“We will see!” the Tauren answered waving farewell.
“Just don’t cause another rendering, Elf....” he added for good measure to no one but himself.

Authors note.
Over the years I wrote this story. I started it two years ago, I am seriously going to actually fill the blanks and finish it as a proper linear book. I just quickly through and ending on it. I mean come on, what happen to Bannard in sewer rat Jones dungeons. What of Azzie and all his battles. Where is Sass runaway too? Did Dawife become a competent leader? What of Her and her battles. Home many times did Goblit step to the plate and save the day, how many times did Klangdon ruin it. How the hell is a Blue bell fairy?

And So many others, so many side stories. I will finish it and finish it all. I need to add closure to this one and figure out how to add in the fillers and endings. I am hoping maybe even printing a few copies and see how that looks.
So rest assured, I will finish it, but with new times comes new stories, we Have toadgirl, chalice, treehouse , where too, Plankeye, mindonrage, And some many new faces and stories. Oddbob and vile yet strangely half-honorable Inexorable. So where on concludes another begins. So thanks for this audience, and I promise to write some more…….

if you really want me toooooooo…….

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Wow, that takes awhile to get through, so another year pass. I pray everyone is well. For those who knwo me, Hello, for those who don't grab some hot coco and cookie, get comfy and enjoy. yes I know its been a year ...let me explain why..
It's ok PapaToad, if you do not finish this story this year or next, I will wait patiently in a dark corner of a room that is dimly light by a fire that is slowly going out. The fire itself earlier in the evening, was roaring brightly as stories of old were told in the room. Seemingly feed not by wood, rather fueled by the excitement of the room. As people lingered out as the evening aged, so did the fire grow dim. Until now, a few people hunker in cold corners of the room, where the light and heat bare reach. There, you will find me, faithful to my word and my friends.
I will publish in 2015 (Ten years in the making)

It had fallen into despair. The once great hall was empty now. Covered in cobwebs and dust. Even the spider’s had moved off from this bleak room. It broke his heart to see it empty. He remembered family’s talking. Both warriors and mages alike regaling deeds of the weeks big raids and adventures. Children showing off trinkets and gifts brought back form exotic lands. Laughter and voices were gone from this great hall. His feet made no sound as he moved toward the small table and single lamp that adorned it. It was a simple table that stood near a small blazing hearth. One of many in this room.

Though this on was adorned with an old dwarf seated, head back on a chair. The old dwarf snored rhythmically as he climbed gracefully into his older years. Large of shoulders with just the beginnings of a paunch showing around his middle. Still he was a dwarf to be reckoned with. A large dagger strapped to his side. Even with the peaceful mask of sleep holding his visage. One could not help but to know. This was a fighting dwarf. The figured moved toward the old dwarf. Never rushing but the steady on coming; like that of the tide. The large figure did not sway or swagger as he walked. His legs moving him forward one calm step at a time. A large tome in his hands. he smiled at the sleeping dwarf. His cloak of green seemed to move on its own, along with his body movement. Making is image shift and shimmer. As he approached the table he lay the book down.

The dwarf rumbled and shifted in his sleep. The large figure looked at him from under his cowl. It unnaturally shadowed his face. The cloaked figure opened the book and moved past the first few pages. The large figure paused to smile. He raised his right fingers to his lips and blew a kiss too the old dwarf. The dwarf smiled as he warmed as the air blown from the kiss; was like sunlight warming his old bones. In his sleep the old dwarf enjoyed the warmth.

The figure turned to head back the way he came.
“mhmm, Thank you” mumbled the dwarf in his sleep as the figure left. Smiling, the figure thought even in sleep. His old friend knew he was there. The figure left as he had come, without sound, without a noise and warming those around him. When the dwarf awoke. He would see the tome and the page that it was open too. It said but a simple thing.

A gnomish complication
A Redeemed and Papatoad adventure
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As the figure moved headed out he whispered a word of power. He appeared too darkened. It was not true invisibility but more an overlooking spell. People would notice something, but the face, shape and size would be obscured for the most part. Only the strongest willed and those of great detail would notice him outright. He turned down an alley when the trap was sprung. There was a flash of brilliant light and it came fast and hard. Like a porc elephant of the Quice Rainforests.

It just missed the figure‘s head with its claws of black ivory. The three claw marks against the wall were the figured head had been only a half breath before. Claws six inches long and as thick as a bears. Feeling the unnatural energies at work. The figure crouched down and where the things feet should be. But the very real, very tangible creature had no feet or legs. It ended past its waist in a trail of pink smoke. This word of power was understood by anyone who communicated with a spoken language. Cleary audible and understood in any of the languages. The word came to life as natural energies began to take shape themselves to this reality. The being that set the trap heard it clearly as well and smiled. Not so much because of the meaning of the word. But the voice who chanted it.

“Banishment” Hissed the rich deep elven voice. A vortex of green energy swirled below the beast and then like a whirlpool it sucked the creature away. A giggling voice rang out just as the elf caught the hurtling gnome female.
“You’ve returned” She squealed with delight.” The figure caught her at arm’s length which was a ways away as the great elf held her and smiled. The gnome enchanter saw the smile. The cloaking spell did not affect her. She reached out as he allowed her to take down his hood. His shock of green hair long with a beard like that of the oldest of his kind, along with his green eyes. Then his bright toad green skin. She held his face as a mother or aunt would hold a child’s
“You’re back she said. Then looked harder in to his eyes.
“And you’re leaving gain.” She said confused. He hugged the little gnome and she giggled again. She returned the hug.
“He will be cross with you. You do not say hello or goodbye.” She scolded as she hugged him tightly around his neck. Which was thicker than most gnome waists. He barked a laugh.

“I know” he retorted. “It cannot be helped. I have lots to deliver. Lots to see. Very little time. Tell him I will be back as soon as I can.” The gnome smiled and then frowned. As he lowered her gentley to the ground.
“I will do no such thing. It hurts him when you come and go. You can tell him.” She said sternly. Turning her back to the giant figure to emphasize her disapproval.

The great elf bowed deeply.
“As you wish Lady Gobilt.” He said and the spoke a word of power and touched the wall with each of his hands. He spoke for several seconds and then the alley became alive with clinging flowers. They grew along the walls as if a invisible artist was painting a mural. They were mostly white except for the two arrows made of the most yellow flowers she had ever seen. He has become powerful she thought. Shock apparent in her eyes. Goblit had rarely seen just beauty in flowers. She clapped excitedly and giggled again. The Green elf smiled warmly. Then she noticed the yellow flowers were pointing in the direction the great elf was heading.
“Really?” the Gnome asked.

The elf placed his enormous hands on each side of her head and kissed her between her pink pigtails, on her head.
“Really.” He said. She just shook her head. The elf let go and walked away. Heading in the direction the flowers were now pointing to. Without a care in the world. About half way down the alley he called back.
“You know that creature could have killed me.” He said as she smiled mischievously.
“No it couldn’t of.” she retorted.
“Are you so sure?” He toyed.
“Yes I am.” She said. Knowing full well where this was going.
“How did you know? He teased.
“Because.” She sighed dramatically. “Then you wouldn’t be the greatest druid that ever lived.” She smiled.
He shrugged his shoulders without looking back.” That is true.” He replied.
She watched him go. A breath later the shadows obscured him. She turned to leave, summoning another minion to follow her. One could never be too careful besides. Things were going to get interesting again.
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So long, so very long ago I wrote these words. I know understand how Stephen King felt finishing the Dark Tower first book. I have been working on and editing the story. I have to start from scratch. Re-write the whole thing. I am a slightly better writer now than I was then. So I will take what is here and mold it in to a story that flows and captures each of you in your "Toonage" glory. I cannot use the WOW universe. I knew that and it is working out nicely all the same. I have about four books I am working on. I could write any of them. I want and have a drive to finish this. t want the Redeemed and our adventures not to be forgotten in the archives of yesteryear. While I can never go back, none of us can really. Life moves on, we move on, we grow and become those people "hopefully" we were meant to. I wouldn't go back and still I will never say I did not have an awesome time with all of you. I am sorry I was hoping to finish it the end of this year. With the rewrite that will most-likely not happen. I will let Tek know and message those who are still around. Until then my friends; Remember who the greatest druid who ever lived was...................
A year I have spent reediting and moving this story forward. After a long and felt breaking conversation. have decided to not look back. It would be like re-writing the past. I will continue Papa’s and all of their adventures. New and crisp and going forward. We cannot re-write the past. I am shooting to have it done this year. Edited and l out by 1 qtr and the second book reviewed by then as well.

I will never forget our adventures.

You shouldn’t either.