A painful lesson well learned


It was a very odd day as Malohaut was hunting in the woods of Darkshore. First, there was the discovery of the mysterious cat figurine. Then, the ancient beast with the giant sword in its fossilized bones. But nothing topped what happened next.

"We're under attack!" came an echo from the distance. Malohaut had no choice but to investigate this strange threat. So he raced through the woods as swift as his feet could carry him. But the woods themselves were full of wildness and dangers. So he jumped into a panther and silently crept toward the invading intruders.

It wasn't long before he reached the road and there they were: one tauren, one orc, and one undead creature. They were attacking some elves! No wait. They're getting ready to attack some elves. Wait wait. They're . . . they're . . . flirting?!?

Yup. There were some women elves out there dancing and these three were enchanted and dancing right along. They were smiling, winking, being suggestive. How scarey! I slowly came out and revealed myself, and was oddly greeted warmly. I guess they weren't in the mood to pick a fight.

The big tauren started a campfire and we all gathered around trying to communicate with each other. While they were friendly, its obviously their intensions were lustful. How sad. Soon, they were all up and dancing and boogeying the night away.

I've never seen an undead creature dancing and bobbing his head to some unseen music. So I walked closer. He was funny, but seemed to be doing a good job. I decided to clap, but I had forgotten I still had my fishing pole in my hands. So instead of clapping, I accidently wacked it in the head with my pole. Before I could apologize, I was lying dazed on the ground within seconds.

Whoops. Well, I came to and apologized, trying to show them it was an accident. They apologized back and continued their flirting. I stayed only for a few minutes longer before bidding them a fond farewell and resuming my hunts.

So its a lesson well learned:

1. Not all hoarde are bad and some just want to enjoy themselves.

2. If you dance with the dead, make sure you don't have a fishing pole in your hands.

Remember that.