A passion re-emerges...


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Sarcalogos sits at Gothwaite Harbor watching the ships go back and forth from Atlantis. The last time he was here, this harbor wasn't as busy. It was before the realms had found a way into Atlantis, a city that seemed to have been lost forever. Sarcalogos sighs and looks at the wooden planks of the dock. He remembers being here a long time ago, when a message came to him to send to Chivah. No word has ever come back from Chivah on his quest to find his sister. In fact, no word at all has come about him. Was he now lost?

But this wasn't the only thing on Sarcalogos's mind. When that message came to him, he was meditating on the message he received from his cleric trainer. He was told that the inconnu were forever lost themselves, never to be saved by the grace of God and allowed in heaven. For some reason, he didn't want to believe that.

It has been well over a year since that day. Sarcalogos left Gothwaite Harbor to seek out an inconnu who was seeking the truth. He found the inconnu at Fort Gwyntel, but he wasn't very receptive. In fact, the inconnu stormed out of the fort. Sarcalogos was able to convince him to meet one more time before the inconnu left Albion for good. However, that meeting never took place. Sarcalogos found himself too busy to meet with the inconnu, and that sent him into a state of depression. Wondering whatever happened to that inconnu, and would he have to answer for not bringing the inconnu to the truth.

But what is truth? So many people want to seek it, but seem to never find it. Sarcalogos was dedicated to the church and had a passion for those in these isles of Avalon. That is why he never felt led to leave them. And now, here he is back in Gothwaite Harbor after receiving word from Gyllis to do a task for him. Sarcalogos was glad that Gyllis was back from his journey away from Albion. It gave him new hope and a reason to move on.

So, now it was time to seek the truth...about everything. Are the inconnu really lost? Whatever happened to Chivah's sister, or even Chivah himself? That message that Sarcalogos received was that it was in God's hands, and that she would be all right, but what happened?

Sarcalogos looks out at the ocean one more time. If a city can be lost and then found, then so can the truth. He stands up, straightens his armor, and walks towards the village. It was time to continue his quest....