A thought about ZG and uBRS


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Just thinking about our ZG runs and had an idea come across my mind. As everyone who goes on our ZG run can tell, we usually don't have enough people online on Friday nights to do a ZG run. I'm thinking the reason behind this is because it is set for Friday evening. Everyone wants to go out on Friday night with friends or a loved one. There are between 10 and 15 people on usually, but not 15-20 level 60's to make a go at ZG. However, we do have atleast 10 level 60's on during Friday evening. Now Mondays, most people are home because they have either work or school the next day.

This is my suggestion. Why not switch our raid days? Make ZG Monday nights when most people are online and make uBRS Friday evening when less people are online. This might solve our problem and get us to ZG every week, if not every other week.

Now you might be thinking, but I have work on Tuesday morning or I have school on Tuesday morning. Well, on Monday nights we would have been in uBRS anyway so why not make it ZG? There is nothing saying that we have to complete ZG that night, however farming rep and getting experience there would help more than attempting to complete it.

Anyway, let me know what you all think. Hope ya like the idea and if not, it's cool too. Just trying to help. :)

Take care of yourself.......and each other. ;)

We can certainly give it a shot. What I've been noticing tho is that we don't even have enough people to do an uBRS run on Mondays, either. So not only do we not have 10 60s online... we don't have 10 58-60s...

I think it was last week that there were so few people online that we couldn't even do a L58-60 5-man instance, and ended up doing Uldaman on alts.

My guess is that our best shot at getting 20 people online is goign to be Saturday (anytime), Friday night, or Sunday afternoon... in that order.

But the big thing is - the Monday/Friday runs are *scheduled* runs. By all means, if we have enough online on Tuesday at 2am, then let's go, runs don't *have* to be scheduled for them to happen.
Hey all,
Isn't that why we've hooked up with SGA though? So that we can do these runs with mostly guildies, and a smattering of people we know?
With active colaboration with them, we can have the flexibility we want until more people (like me) make it to 60.
Absolutely. The SGA is great for impromptu runs. The idea behind guild runs was to get people ready for some of the larger events. Many people have solo'd their way into the mid-50s.. and it's definately a whole different world playing as a team in an instance.

We'd like to get our fellow players prepped for PUGs and SGA runs without all the stress, loot drama, etc. A few of the folks that have been around for a while are willing to go back and help all the up-and-comings learn without fear of being degraded for "not knowing how to play their class." We're also willing to stick with it longer than many SGA/PUG people would. So if the run is going bad and we wipe a few times, that's okay. We'll keep at it until we learn what we could do better. It's amazing how much you can pick up with a little teamwork and patience.

But if there's enough people online to do a run, it really doesn't matter what instance we do (if we have 5 people online when we're scheduled for ZG, we'll just run something else instead). If we have 14 people on ZG night, it'd ultimately be upto the raid leader (typically Adam, but someone else filled in last week) whether to drop to 10 and do uBRS, or pull in SGA folks.
Yeah I would like to just echo what Randy already said. Based on the last 5 months of attempting to get runs on Monday, Fridays are definitely a better night to get more 60s on for ZG. Mondays are typically very poor attendance. I would expect this trend of low attendance to continue as we enter into the summer months but I would rather set the expectation that we have a run on Mondays and Fridays. That being said, I have a board meeting (typically Wednesdays) which got moved to this Monday instead :( so unfortunately I will not be on this evening.
I'll be on... although I might be evilhugpower for a lot of it... but I'll definitely show up for any guild runs that might want a teddy :)