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Hi my family and I are officers in SoE. In an attempt to grow the Alliance community I wanted to let you'all know that my hubby Rho is starting up a weekly Masters lvl Missions night on Thursdays beginning at 7pm central going as long as it goes and SoE host Pvp nights on Tue and Fri starting at 9pm eastern. All Alliance members are welcome and TS is encourage but not required.

I also started an alliance Xfire group with a calender to help us all get to know each other and whats going on. Adding your guild tag to your xfire name is a good idea to help keep everyone straight.

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I just changed my Xfire to [SOE]Stc95. Its easy. Just go to tools on the Xfire thingy -> Options -> Nicknames.

That changes your Xfire nickname, you can set a Guild Nickname as well. Which is what i did. If you go to the Xfire guild roster, at the bottom of the list should be a box to fill out a Guild Nickname.

Would you like for me to continue to let you know of Alliance events? Or better yet is there someone in your forums that would like to keep an eye on the xfire calender and post new info on your forums instead? Are there any events you would like to start? I would love to fill up the calender with tons of fun stuff hosted by all the guilds. It can be PVP Or PVE whatever you guys like to do. A set time each week or every other week would be great but random time are fine too. It can be organized and hosted by anyone in your guild (officer or not) If you can't post it in the xfire calender yourself just email or pm me the info and I will get the news spread around.

I hope that all this build communication between the guilds and I look forward to a great alliance

Our Friends in LION are hosting a Urgoz Warren run February 15, 7:00pm - 10:00pm Central time. Event duration is dependent on how long the run takes but be prepared for around 3hours.

Guildwikki says
Urgoz's Warren is an Elite Mission accessed from the Kurzick capital House zu Heltzer. This area is home to Urgoz, a forest guardian who is now corrupted and threatens all life in the Echovald Forest. The objective of this mission is to destroy him.

Elite Missions are high difficulty missions accessible only through the capital cities of the Kurzick and Luxon regions and through the Chantry of Secrets in Elona.

In general, the Elite Missions are very long (a full run can take 2 to 5 hours depending on proficiency), with large numbers of high-level foes as well as negative Environmental Effects. They offer the highest level loot in the game as well as powerful unique items at the very end of the missions.'s_Warren
for more info
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I'm still far too caught up in other things to be able to get on GW..but if anyone gets a Zodiac Sword can ya save it for me? It's the last one i need to complete my collection