Alpha, Omega & Summer Raiding


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Hello Everyone,

As we hit summertime it's usual to expect some changes in people's schedules and availability. For example, Mike's Group Alpha is short a couple of regulars for his Team of Uber folks. Also, Team Omega's attendance has been spotty over the past couple of weeks (which is fine), but I'm hoping we can all communicate about raiding interest and availability. <-- /cast scroll of Emphasis. It's frustrating for those who show up and want to raid (and the raid leaders) when we are scrambling for toons or waiting for people to show up. Having a group of core regulars is key to progression for those interested in such.

So, what I'm asking for is weekly communication of your interest/availability for a given run. For me, not signing up means your are not interested/available for a run on a particular night. Mike and I usually post our runs on Group Calendar at least a week ahead of time. Our schedules are posted in more detail below:

Group Alpha is currently in Ulduar 10 and runs on Sun. & Mon. evenings starting at 6:30 Server. Please let Mike [Berstromme] or Danny [Nights] know if you are interested. Best to be geared in pretty purple Epics from Naxx 10/25, OS 10/25 etc. The bosses are hard hitting and fights complex in Ulduar. Check out Danny's Ulduar post for resources in learning the boss fights. (Think for detailed videos and descriptions.)

Team Omega is currently in Naxx 10, but depending on our Raid make-up we are ready for EoE 10 or even (gasp) Ulduar. Again, we need geared folks for that. I'm happy to continue to run Naxx 10 for those interested, but my biggest concern is fielding a consistent group. Team Omega will only be running every other Monday for now. Due to lack of sign-ups, the next run is scheduled for 6/22.

What happens every other Monday you ask? Naxx 25 - Heroic mode for our guildies and friends of the SGA. This run is a great time and good opportunity for fellowship with the guild and to get some uber gear for your toon. Our next Guild run is scheduled for June 15 so sign up now! Alternatively, you can send Mike or me an in-game email, PM on the forums, or whisper us in-game with your interest.