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I haven't been hanging out here as much as I used to so I haven't been keeping you guys up on stuff. Since the church collapsed I have been in a pretty dark place. I have been applying for jobs but not having much luck. I did have a phone interview with a local college, but never heard anything further from them until I get the automated message that they were closing the job search.

A couple weeks ago my wife's grandfather passed away after some issues at home. He was suffering from dementia and sometime back he fell in the bathroom and hurt himself (much longer story there) and has been in very bad shape since. We weren't expecting him to last too much longer, but naturally that was still a shock. My wife had been talking about trying to drive to Georgia to attend the funeral and initially her family tried to keep her away (this is the side of the family which has been treating her like crap for the past year). Her dad finally man'ed up and got her a plane ticket to go to the funeral. That was naturally a crazy week.

She got back on Saturday and Sunday got sick (presumably from a bug going around) for my birthday. So aside from a few cards, I got nothing. Thursday she was informed that they were eliminating her position at work, effective immediately. So, we are back down to no income, no prospects at the moment, and living with my mom (who has health problems of her own).

Please keep us in your prayers. We need guidance and wisdom in particular.
Praying for guidance and aid to find a job.

Um, any update on your friend who has cancer?
Holy cow! I nearly forgot. Praise God, she was able to raise the money for surgery via online crowdfunding and she is now cancer free. She is feeling so much better and has even gotten back to full-time work.

Dear God, please bring a measure of peace to Kahiel and his wife as they look for jobs. We depend on you wholly in all things and ask that you give the family their daily bread--those things they need to survive--by whatever means you have planned for this season of their life. Please surround them with fellow believers who can lift them up in prayer and also help out with financial needs should the opportunity present itself. We trust that you know us, love us, and desire to provide for us. I pray this experience will draw Kahiel and his family closer to you and serve as a reminder of your faithfulness.