Any interest in new raid groups?


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I just wanted to put this out there to see if there was any interest.

After running many heroics (esp. H ToC) and trying to gear up my mage, I am interested in starting to do some raids. I don't have a lot of raiding experience and should probably start with Naxx. My primary motivation is getting raiding experience and seeing content, as I know I won't likely find too many upgrades in 10 man Naxx.

I am wondering if anyone is interested in starting a new Naxx group. I would likely be on the more casual side as I don't know if I can commit 2 evenings a week, every week, at this point. However, I should often be able to make it, if a group got going. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights are generally not great for me. A Wednesday/Thursday night run would work well (starting at 8-9 server time), as well as an extended Saturday morning/afternoon run might work. We would not necessarily run every week. Just some ideas to throw out there.

I would also be interested in trying EoE and OS, if anyone is interested, although I think one needs a key or something for those ones.
Just a heads-up: EoE is considered to be a second-tier raid, on par with Ulduar. So you'll want to have done a bunch of OS + Naxx first.

That aside, good luck on starting up a raid team. I'm already above quota for raids per week, but I really encourage players to take initiative in leading raids as you are doing :)
Don't be afraid to look for potential raidmates in the SGA. That's one of the reasons the SGA exists (in fact, the original reason). You may even find existing groups that fit your schedule that need a mage.
I would be interested in a 1-2 night a week raid...I'm particularly interested in VoA, as Lloki is going to spend a significant amount of time in PVP. After a recent blitz of WoW this weekend, I'm feeling slightly more epic and up to raiding without being a hindrance to my group. =)

PS - bad part of getting epixx...spending over 700g on enchants in a single day. =P
Thanks for the advice. Talking to some guildies, I am told my character is geared for uld 10 and EoE (Wow heroes actually says I should focus on uld 10 and toc 10). But I still want to head into Naxx for experience with the fights and experiencing the content. I might see if I can get into some sga groups like you suggested. Like I said, I would really be interested in casual raids, i.e. not necessarily every week and not necessarily on the same day each week.

Maybe I'll try posting an even in gem to get the ball rolling, however I probably could not lead it myself as I don't know the fights.

Does anyone know if sga has a gem channel, or something similar?
So I posted a Naxx run in Gem. For those who don't have gem and read these forums, I posted it for this coming wed/thurs, 20:00-23:00 server time. Hopefully we get someone who knows the fights, if not we might have to cancel it, depending on the confidence of our group. We'll see how many are interested.
Get readin'!

Strats and all are in here.

I'm thinking of bringing my healer or one of the melee DPS to this, although if needed I can also bring my tank, at least to get the party started.
Thanks for the tip. I've checked out pretty much every tankspot video on Naxx now, and it's nice to have some sort of idea what to expect going in.
That's ok, Thanks for your willingness to come John. We cancelled it anyways, because there was almost no interest, and I wasn't willing to go to sga without someone who really knew the fight...otherwise they would have expected me to lead, and I expect it would have been ugly.

I ended up getting into an Ulduar group with some sga folks from Babukas...something or other. I think I might just get into some raids casually for a bit and try to get some more experience with raiding in general before attempting to start up a new group.
Basugasubakuhatsu. It's part of a Japanese tongue-twister: "Basu Gasu Bakuhatsu, Busu Basu Gaido" which literally means "Bus Gas Explosion, Ugly Bus Guide".