Any life? - Seeking World of WarCraft Christian guilds


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I just returned to WoW and an wondering if there are any cross server Christian communities? [Prefer ones that won't object to nonAmericans, who are not instantly anti lgbtqia etc] anyone?
@lyrisau Welcome to the CGA Forums! I took the liberty of moving your thread to the CGA General Discussion forum for better visibility.

Unfortunately, the CGA no longer maintains its list of Christian MMO guilds, though we may update it and resume maintenance in the future if we can find someone willing to take on that work.

The thread linked above may be outdated, but you may find some guilds that are still active.

You're also welcome to drop by the CGA Discord server to ask if anyone there is aware of active Christian WoW guilds. (I would ping the @WoW role on there right now, but it's after midnight in my time zone. I'll try to remember to ask folks tomorrow and link to this thread.)
There's a community known as "Christian WoW Guilds" where many Christian guilds come together in one community. If you'd be interested in a link to their discord server, check out the links here: They have a discord here where many Christian guilds on different servers advertise themselves. Feel free also to join the CWG gaming community in this link here that is cross-faction, cross-guild in WoW, to meet more like-minded players who love Jesus.