Any plumbers or home fixer upers?


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The main water pipe cracked in the center, causing it to leak in the boiler/aircon room.

We spent hours soaking the water with towels and drying them in buckets.

The water pipes are blue and seem to be plastic. Is that normal?

Were getting a handy-man and hope he can fix it.
Sounds like "pex" pipe. Would need picts to be sure. If it is pex, it breaking is very rare, but usually a very easy and cheap fix.
I agree. If its not copper pipe its most likely pex which is really easy to fix and not expensive. If there is a brass piece that cracked it may be a fitting or valve. You would just cut the pex above and below the fitting and replace said fitting.

There are two styles of pex fittings. Normal, which require crimp rings and a special tool. Second is the "shark bite". Those are a little more costly but they are essentially "plug n play".

I just finished building my own house. Ihope this helps.
Its fixed. The Handy-man cut off the brass part and got a new one. Its good to have water in the house, especially flushing the toilets.
not to hijack your thread, but speaking of water....Woke up today to find someone (a kid I am assuming) left the water faucet out in the backyard on all-night long, Our yard and the neighbors yards are all flooded. The water meter shows 22,000 gallons were used?!? Aye yi yi. Is this going to cost me thousands of dollars?
Try and call the water company and explain the situation, they just might take it into account. Not thousands, but maybe a couple hundred.
Good call I did that and they are being helpful. They are going to escalate it and see if they can fine us without making it push us up $$ brackets over this.
Well, the pipes are oddly wet. Looks like its too cold that it may freeze.

The entire water pipes are "sweating".
Well, the pipes are oddly wet. Looks like its too cold that it may freeze.

The entire water pipes are "sweating".

It may be a humidity issue. The sweaty pipes likely have cold water in them with a really warm temperature around them. Try running a dehumidifier and see if it helps the condensation.
I'm going completely on assumption here but, the blue pipe is the cold water from you're water main, and the building has red pipes for hot, which would mean it is definitely pex with brass fittings and crimp rings. Is the pipe in question in a basement or underground (subject to a damp environment)? and is it close to the source (well pump or underground city supply)? Have you checked the temperature of your incoming cold water? It could be the temperature difference in the air and simple pipe insulation could fix it. It also could be dampness in the basement which would need a dehumidifier. If it's a constant stream of water (steady drip creating a puddle in the floor) call the plumber back, they need to fix it.