Anyone play Guild Wars on a Mac?


Legacy of Elijah Guild Leader
It's looking like we're going to be running a second copy of GW at the house, but the other available laptop is a MPB. AFAIK I'm looking at Boot Camp or CrossOver.
I'll be setting up via CrossOver tonight, but I was wondering if anyone used it and how that runs...or if had a suggestion I didn't mention here?

From what I can see, GW has silver support on CrossOver and specific issues are limited to things like windowing/etc. Any lag in running CrossOver vs. BootCamp?

Thanks in advance for any info. Noob here as far as gaming on a Mac goes.
I use crossover. It works fine, very few issues, but it does vary from machine to machine. I sometimes get quirks in the graphics where maybe some armor does not display correctly etc. but nothing that makes the game unplayable.