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Be Imba is a very helpful tool to "tweaking" your gear. Plug your character name and server in, and the site will pull your data from Blizzard's Armory. The tool then evaluates your gear, spec, enchants and gems.

Cut and Pasted from their FAQ:

Q: What is this site about?
A: Our goal is to guide World of Warcraft players to maximize their PvE effectiveness. The carefully selected checks and advisories help to identify common pitfalls and mistakes whether they are talent or gear related. We hope that our service presents a useful guidance for the casual and hardcore PvE player alike.

Q: What checks are performed?
A: The checks include:
  • Talent build checks seeking for left out vital talents or overrated telents.
  • Gear check for unenchanted or misenchanted items.
  • Gear check for ungemmed items or items gemmed improperly.
  • Stats checks for DPS and Tank characters.

Q: What is PvE gear score?
A: It is a measure of the PvE "power" of your gear.
Your items' absolute item budget value is calculated and added together, this gives your raw gear score. Some items are excluded from this calculation, like for example Riding Crop, fishing poles, and similar items.

For PvP items the item budget value for the non-PvE stats is calculated (this includes Spell Penetration, Resilience, and some fraction of the Stamina bonus depending on the character's role), the total of these values is your PvP penalty score.

Every socketed gem's item budget value is determined and totaled, giving your gem score. Some gems have reduced or zero value if they are meant for PvP.

Every enchant's item budget value is determined and totaled, giving your enchant score. Some enchants have reduced or zero value if they are meant for PvP.

Your final PvE Gear Score is: Sum of (Raw Scores - PvP Penalties) + Gem Scores + Enchant Scores.

Q: What is the Gear-o-Meter?
A: The Gear-o-Meter is a nifty graph showing your estimated positions in the PvE progress line. It displays two values:

a) The red bar shows an estimated position where you should go for linear upgrades. This is based on your pure gear score (Raw Score - PvP Penalty).

b) The blue bar shows an estimated position where you should perform well in your current gear taking into account your gems and enchants too.
Please keep in mind that these are estimated values and it assumes that your raid's gear level is roughly the same like yours. Don't start arguments that you can raid Black Temple in blue gear with 24 others in T6 from head to toe. ;)

I've used the information from this tool to make a lot of adjustments on my gear, mainly enchants and gems. As an example, I hadn't realized how low my "To Hit" / Hit rating was. I could do tons of damage, but my percentage of hitting Elite Bosses was lower than it should be. I hadn't realized how often I was missing bosses in Heroic instances. Just switching some gems, and my damage JUMPED (I actually had to scale back). The Gear-O-Meter has also provided a lot of relief, now that I know that my gear won't be a "weak link" when I start Kara. :cool: I'd feel comfortable "passing" on most hunter gear to others, maybe even sharding it for the guild vault. (I want a ranged weapon from there, though)
I can testify that this is a great tool, it gave me tons of ideas of where to improve Gernam. As a side note it only works for lvl 70 toons.
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