Beta account


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Question about Beta - I redeemed the code, and in the code redemption section of my Account Management page, it says:

Below is a list of valid Star Wars: The Old Republic codes that have been redeemed under this account.
11.06.2011 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Standard Edition Pre-Order
11.16.2011 BETA Testing Code (Event 1)

However, I have yet to get an email, either to my personal email, or my Star Wars account email about the upcoming Open Beta.

Should I be worried? Is there anything else I need to do?


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I'm not sure on that. I haven't gotten complete understanding of the beta keys. I think you can just log in. If you can access the beta tester portal and can install the game, you should be good. To be sure try logging into the game.


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I received a Beta Monday evening and in the email was a "Respond Now" button.
That took me to a page where I could download the client. But, before that I had to give some answers to security questions, like when I created my account.