Bible In A Year pledges


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I am taking part in this as well. I've been meaning to add my name for awhile. I've read through the Bible a few times, admittedly, never finished it exactly in a year, but within a month or so.

As to those who disagree with this format, people learn from the Bible in different ways. There is not one single way to gain wisdom and understanding from God's Word. For those who have never read through the Bible, this is a fantastic opportunity. I'm not saying we shouldn't use outside information, but for some, it may be difficult to do it all.

From my own personal experience, the first time I read through the Bible (1994 or 1995) I did not use any outside commentaries and the words came to life like never before. I still remember the impact the readings made on my life. II Chronicles 20 is now one of my favorite passages. It showed me how important worship is. Both Kings and Chronicles have played a great reminder to me that when we obey, great things happen and when we disobey, God lays judgment. I remember the incredible bond between David and Jonathan. I was amazed how God could use only two people (Jonathan and his servant) to defeat an army. It taught me Ezra and Nehemiah were books about the return from exile. The list goes on and on. These still hit me today as reminders of the first time I read through the Bible. I think others will find the same impact. Especially as we have the opportunity to discuss it as well.


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I've read through the entire bible once when i was an early teen and the impact it made on my life was major. I know I'm a little late joining up but now that my work schedule has slowed down a bit and I finally have time to read something besides my own chapter forums I am really eager to join up. I think it will be fun readin chapters around the same time as others and being able to question or discuss things as they come up in study.Thanks for the great idea. As for those that don't like the bible in a year program that's great to..doesn't matter how we study God's word as long as we do study it in some way and apply it. I'm sure not everyone here will always be on the same chapter/subject as some will stop to study more in depth things that the holy spirit draws their hearts to.


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Well, I'm *really* late to the game, but I just signed up and I guess I start in a day or two. I've been meaning to get around to reading the bible all the way through, and started a few times, but never completed it. This will be a nice way to keep me on track. Thanks for the idea Tek!

I'll be totally out of synch with you guys, but I'll join in when I can. (I'm taking the alternating schedule)


I've read the entire picture bible when I was young. But I've been needing this for a very long time. I'm certainly excited to do this with all of you!

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I just happened to read thru this again, and have a new comment.  I guess this is directed towards those who were against this type of program.  I noticed it was often said that doing a program like this would prevent the reader from digging further into the word, and actually learning something.  IMO a comment like this says, "The Holy Spirit is not able to teach you, you must dig and learn on your own."  I hope that didn't sound too harsh, but that's the way I see it.  I've read the Bible many times over the years, in part and in whole.  There is one thing I've noticed over those years, and that is that no matter how many times I've read or even studied the word, the Holy Spirit has always been faithful to reveal something 'new' to me.  In other words, have you ever read a scripture that just sorta jumped out at you?  When you "get it" you stop and think, "Now why haven't I noticed that before?".  Because you know you've read that scripture before then.  My point is, studying or digging into the word is a good thing yes, but it's reliance on revelation from the Holy Spirit that makes the difference.

The Lord commands us to get into His word.  Now, it is my belief that our obedience to do that is sure to get a blessing.  Even for those who may half heartedly follow this program, the Lord is sure to bless their obedience.  Let's remember how important "obedience" is to the Lord.  The fact that someone would even take the time to go through the program shows their desire to know Him more and to be obedient to Him.  I can tell you that my own personal experience in the beginning of this program was dreary at best.  When I read those chapters with the mile long names, it becomes more of a chore then a pleasure to me.  However, God blessed my faithfulness to stick with it, by sending SSquared to share much insight on these particular areas, and I found myself anxious and excited about reading these particular books and coming here for his commentaries.  

What we have to come to realize is that God is testing us.  If we make a committment to God, no matter what that committment is, He wants to see if we'll be faithful to that committment.  

Mat 25:23  "His lord said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a few things, I will set you over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.'  
Mat 25:29  For to everyone who has will be given, and he will have abundance, but from him who has not, even that which he has will be taken away.  

This parable says to me that the Lord wants to see what we will do with what is given to us.  If we make a committment to follow this program, He will be watching to see what we will do with it.  If we are faithful to stick with it, He will be sure to bless.

It brings us right back to "obedience" and "disobedience", "blessing" and "curse". It's our choice.