Bible Study - 2/17 - The Ransom, at what cost?

"The face that Moses had begged to see - was forbidden to see - was slapped bloody. The thorns that God had sent to curse the earth’s rebellion now twisted around his own brow.
“On your back with you!” One raises a mallet to sink in the spike. But the soldier’s heart must continue pumping as he readies the prisoner’s wrist. Someone must sustain the soldier’s life minute by minute, for no man has this power on his own. Who supplies breath to his lungs? Who gives energy to his cells? Who holds his molecules together? Only by the Son do “all things hold together”. The victim wills that the soldier live on - he grants the warriors continued existence. The man swings.

There's a little sneak peak of what we're gonna be talking about in Bible Study this wednesday night at 6 server time. It is a study I've titled "The Ransom, at what cost?"

Come and be encouraged and filled up with God's word and truth in our lives. We're gonna be looking in the book of Romans (chp 3 and 5 mostly).
we need more of these :( I enjoy bible studies...just hop in vent and run around farming stuff.

Wish there could be more of an effort in this area. I think people who try to lead them get discouraged when people dont show up or dont take it seriously enough to stop what they're doing and come....

like with Bill when it was time for his Bible study it basically didnt start til 30 min later because people were too busy in game doing things when it had been scheduled all week. I thought it was very disrespectful and of course made my feathers ruffle because it happened to Bill but I"d feel like that towards anyone else too. This should be important. It should be a part of Redeemed...not an occasional thing
Ashley - just want you to know - I love you, sister! You have endeared yourself to me through such posts! You are getting right up there with Goodwone!
lol thanks Sambeau :) I promise my little rants are coming from a good place most of the time >.< I can voice them a little too much though somtimes..
Heyas - next one and topic? Wonder if more could attend on a different evening? I love Bible study and discussion! Just try me in Vent sometime! And I love my BA in Religion that taught me so much about the Word and studying it!

Wanna discuss a theological issue you may be having in life and living it? Time is one thing I have to spare.