Calling All Kara FreeLoaders


Gnome Priest
Well I took a group of people into Kara today, a non-guild planned group. Most were 1st timers in Kara with a few veterans mingled in, overall it went quite well. We managed to get One attempt on Attuneman before respawns butchered us, but still overall it was a good try for a unlearned group.

I plan on doing this again next Saturday, so if you would like to go let me know, there are a few stipulations or restrictions on going and are as following.

1. You must have completed the Karazhan attunement(obvious of course)

2. You must not be saved to another group's instance. Simply because this is not meant to interfere with normal Kara raiders.
b. This supercedes 2a. DO NOT DITCH YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED GROUP TO ATTEND. If I find out that you did, you will not be invited back.

3. This group is mainly for new people to Kara not alts or veterans to Kara, but alts and veterans are welcome if there is not enough people to fill the group(see 2a and b). However come ready to put your best game forth, potions, bandages, etc...

4. This is a learning experience for most so don't expect "PhaT Loots" as they will be few and far between.

5. Come to have fun, if you don't, don't come.
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