Cata Hunter Discussion..


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Fingered we could kick off some Cata class discussion threads, since everything is different now..

Heres the MM build I came up with

My shot rotation is somewhat the same as before, mark, serp, chimera. Then I move to steady shot for focus regen, I'll toss in arcane shots when I have free time, and when Aimed shot procs free/instant I'll hit that.

Here's the BM build I came up with

My rotation here is much more strange. Beastial wrath is available much more, so I hit that when it's available, then pretty much steady shot for focus, arcane/multi shot for damage. I'm throwing a serpents sting in there too, but I'm not sure how necessary it is.

what kind of DPS are you getting with MM? I lost 1k dps on dummies with MM after the patch, ended up going survival in ICC last night and topped the damage a few times but overall everyones dps seems a lot lower.
ok I was just not used to the new mechanics, went back to the dummies and checked my survival build and pulled 6k+ sustained with 7k+ peak so I tried my MM spec again and got almost identical numbers.