Changing number of levels in Combat?

Tek7 (Legacy)

CGA & ToJ President
For the life of me, I can NOT find a way to up the number of available levels in Combat from 10 to 15. Grr.

If anyone can provide a link to the appropriate server variable and/or plugin, PLEASE DO. I'm about to pull my hair out searching for the elusive upgrade.
I think its a mod

After 10 the bar never goes up, it just has * before or after the number (i.e., 14*) on some servers. I don't think you get skill points after 10 anyway so what's the purpose?
babo sent me a link that might be of use. It's not the usual 10+ Combat levels mod that I'm used to and may not work with AMX Mod X, but it's worth a try.
Okay. The "Infinite Levels" plugin has been installed and is now running on the server. I set the max number of levels to 15.

Can someone please verify this plugin works on our server?