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This is focused on should we have children.

I did say comparing apples to oranges. Can you find an example in the Bible where God blessed people who decided NOT to have children?
It's not a good position to argue from scripture's silence on a subject. I can't find scripture saying anything about any number of subjects. Using that silence to bolster an argument doesn't really solidify my position.

You missed two weeks of church and Bible study. Did you children grow a bit more in the Lord seeing your dedication to them? Is is possible your children will make a difference in someone elses life because of your dedication to them?

It is impossible to know what doors are opened or closed but if God gave you those children it's hard to believe he chose the lesser path for you.
I'm not talking greater or lesser paths. I'm thankful to God for my 2 children. I just can't bring myself to condemn a couple who has prayerfully decided to not have children. I do not see one path as being better than the other.

In a perfect world any form of birth control would be thwarting God's will. Even in the event of life threatening illness or danger to the mother. It would be a demonstration of a lack of faith in God's provision and ability. But as I said, we don't live in a perfect world so prevention is a much preferable option to murder.
In a perfect world we would know God's will all the time. The point is moot because we do not live in a perfect world.

It was given to Noah, and to his decendants in Genesis 9 which I referenced above. In any case my job is not to argue or convince anyone.
Forgive me, wrong passage. It was given to Noah and his sons (who already had wives), not necessarily all his descendants.

Because that woman was my mother. She had 6 children (including one that was still born) before I was born. I did not get saved until I was 34. My mother got saved about 3 years after that. She is now in Heaven. I am now a preacher with a wife and a beautiful daughter who I'm sure God has wonderful plans for. There is a lot more to this story but suffice to say, I don't think sterilization was in God's plan. Mercy was.
I was unaware we were talking about a specific individual. And to look back at something in the past it is always easier to see God's hand than it is in the present.

My Bible says be fruitful and multiply. There is no 'unless' mentioned. So I'm assuming it means all couples capable of bearing children.
But the Bible also says that this command was given to Noah and his sons. Not to mankind in general. We need to be careful with our assumptions.

The Bible also tells us to not be unequally yoked. So the Bible order of things is Salvation, a right marriage then children (when God gives them, not when you want them, are ready for them, can afford them, when you finish school (you should finish school before marriage anyway) when you have saved enough money, when you finish whatever it is you decided is more important)
Although, Paul is pretty adamant that those who can should avoid marriage so as to better serve God. So I would argue that if you are going to have children you should have them after marriage, but there is no requirement to have them at all. Not having them may exclude you from certain blessings, but it may open you to others.

For the sake of lust or conviences or finances or situation or health (I still have a hard time with this but...)
But God also gives us a brain and expects us to use it. God can use our stupid mistakes but that doesn't mean we should aim low. If we get sick, we should pray, but we should also be smart and see a doctor. Trusting in God is good, but we cannot use that to excuse us from making important decisions.
I have no desire to enter an unprofitable debate, but I do want to state plainly what the Bible says because that is what my life is for.

The Bible makes it clear that children are a blessing from God. And in every case when women are unable to have children it is not considered good.

Now obviously some people are not currently in a good place spiritually to raise children, and that is why fruitfulness must come first, as stated in the other topic.

As far as physical concerns, there is no mountain in this world that the LORD can not move, which is what I was stating.

Those who choose to stay single should do so to the dedication and glory of God and rely on Him.

There are some who are able to accept this, and some who aren't currently. In any case judgements against eachother are not helpful.

I may have seemed rude before Patriot, not my intention. I am posting from my phone and typing long responses is difficult.
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I hadn't noticed rudeness so no worries.

I agree that children are a blessing. I will note that every case where women are unable to have children (in the Bible) they specifically wanted children. Children in that day and age were security for your old age, workers for your profession, and so much more. Times have changed somewhat. I also agree that there is no form of birth control (mountain) that God cannot overcome.