Christian Gamers Alliance TeamSpeak Server FAQ

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Q#1. What is TeamSpeak?
A#1. Teamspeak is an application that allows you to have voice conversaitons over the internet. It consists of both a client that goes onto the user's PC and a server application. The server and the clients both work under linux and windows. Visit

Q#2. What is the server address for the Christian Gamers Alliance TeamSpeak server?

Q#3. What are the Terms of Service for the Christian Gamers Alliance TeamSpeak server?
Hescominsoon said:
This is a voice comms server. It does have the capability for streaming in a round-about way..this is not the purpose of this server. There is only enough bandwidth available for the bursty traffic that voice traffic generates. The constant usage of music streaming is not able to be supported. If you are caught recording or trying to stream music you will be warned once. After that you will be kicked or banned for further offenses. Please keep the subject matter family friendly. Topics about sexual activities either done or contemplated are not apprpriate and will not be allowed. Topics involving illegal activities if found to be occurring will be recorded and the user can be immediatly banned without warning. Also cursing, insulting others, blaspheming God, and insulting or disobeying the admins can lead to an immediate ban."

Q#4. Do I need a password to log in as a guest?
A#4. Yes. That password is tojcccga100

Q#5. How do I register a TeamSpeak server account?
Stc95 said:
NOTE: Everything is Case Sensitive
1) Open TeamSpeak
2) Go to the Connection tab in the upper right corner and click on Quick Connect
3) Type in the Server Address:
4) Type in a Nickname (ex. Slayer)
5) Type in the Server Password: tojcccga100
6) connect
7) You are now in the lobby; go to the Self Tab and click on Register with Server
8) Fill in your own Login Name: (ex. Slayer)
9) Fill in your OWN password (ex. Applepie100)
10) Register
11) Log out of the server
12) Go to Quick Connect again
13) Keep the Server Address and Nickname the same. Now type in your Login Name that you registered with (ex. Slayer) and YOUR password (ex. Applepie100)
14) You are now registered with the CGA TeamSpeak server.
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Q#6. Who moderates the Christian Gamers Alliance TeamSpeak server?
A#6. The following users have Moderator or Server Administrator rights:

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TeamSpeak Registration Guide

Step by step instruction on how to log in and register on a TeamSpeak2 Server.

Moderator's note: Thread removed from list of stickied threads as the CGA now operates a TeamSpeak 3 server.

The address for our TS3 server is, default port. There is currently no password on the TS3 server.

A new TeamSpeak Server Information thread will be posted once a new TeamSpeak Server Operator is appointed to CGA staff.
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