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So, I have been looking to see if any of the established christian WOW guilds are planning on forming a guild for Classic WOW and, so far, I can't find any indication that any of them are. It occurs to me that I may not find what I'm looking for (I have actually only seen one "family-friendly" guild listing on the Classic forum) and I may have to create my own.

Would any of you be interested in a family-friendly, leveling/dungeon focused Classic WOW guild?

I and my 4 adult children plus a couple of other's who have already expressed interest are looking to either find a guild or make one. Lemme know if you're interested. Thanks!

PS-We were part of Redeemed back in the day. My son was Dradow and I was Kamchaka.
I think there will be a christian guild on classic. I'll try to remember to post here if i get more info. I'll PM you discord info for Narrow Path, Thunderhorn, Alliance. We have a classic channel in our discord.

We have multiple husband wife / dad kid teams on our raid team.
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Thanks for the info! From what I can tell there will be at least a couple christian guilds forming up. I've seen a couple folks saying they are trying to coordinate with all groups to get everyone at least on the same server. (same faction being a bit too optimistic, I should think)