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Thasten realizes that this new world is collapsing around him, and he has to make his decision before the weeks out. Should he return to the old world he once called home, or to take his training to use and create a new land through the power of writing.
Knowing that he cannot decide what is best before time is up, an open plea is given.

"Brothers and sisters of Camelot, should I return to life with the Knights, or shall I forage forth to new and differant places? This is a tough decision, please give your thoughts on the situation."


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<Odale sees Thasten as he is about to jump off of Mount. Mediaplay into a boiling cauldron of other games and screams Yyyyeeeessss. Odale would like to see Thastens witty remarks and groupage in KoT once again. But alas Odale can only control Odale, and even then its pretty sketchy...> Dwhat you are driven to do, don't let others push you into Daoc if you do not wish to. Alas, you may get... <dum dum dum> Bored!


"My dearest Avenger,

Friends come and friends go. There are times of prosperance and times of famine. There are storms and there are times of great peace and rejoicing. All must be endured for the kingdom of God.
Should you stay with this fellowship or venture forth into other kingdoms? Such is a very good question, and I have no right nor authority to suggest one way or another. Search your heart my friend. What is it telling you? Pray to God and ask what He is suggesting. Either way you walk is a good walk.
You can return to the Trinity and enjoy our fellowship, fight for the Lord, help to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, and endure the occational times of fellowship inactivity and storms. Or you can go forth into other realms, create new fellowships, fight for the Lord, help to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, and endure the occational times of fellowship inactivity and storms.
No matter which way you go, you will always face the same trials and the same storms, the same joys and the same sorrows.

Now I have been where you are now, many a times. I have quite often left these lands for others and ventured forth into some very exciting and enjoyable adventures. But every time I did so, I found a hole in my heart that I could not satisfy. I found friends and fellowship, but there was an emptiness. That emptiness was Jesus, and I could only find the true fellowship of Him here in Camelot. So I continued to return. Yet my journies were not in vain as I spread my light (by actions) whever I had gone.

So my friend, you now stand in the same crossroads. You can choose to stay among us and enjoy the fellowship of Christ. Or you can venture forth into strange new lands with exciting adventures. Just know this. If you do leave and go off in the Lord, you can always return to us here in Camelot. We aren't going anywhere and will always welcome the visit, fellowship, or return of a brother in Christ.

So may the peace of the Lord be with you as you decide upon which of two good paths you will take. God bless you my friend. Our prayers are with you, as is the Lord himself.

Your friend and brother in Christ Jesus,