Command and Conqour 3!!

I have still been having issues when i try to play online, sometimes it will let me play online sometimes it wont. The only time i have had freeze up issues is when it wont let me get online then the game will freeze up. But so far seems the patches have helped a little b/c im able to play online matches for longer and more often now.
Thankfully Ive only had the game freeze on me once. I had about an hour into a campaign mission and like a n00b didn't save. DOH! But have had a flawless experience online. *touch wood*
It froze up on me when a player lagged badly or something.

Man, I'm doing terrible on-line, quite annoyed when a game name called "noobs", shows up the players are highly ranked. :mad:

Also, I haven't used my EA account since Burnout 3: Takedown. I'm very surprised they still keep it.

Corpfox, is my name on-line, but I ain't good in-game.
look me up I can help you get better. I am now ladder ranked 2700 or so and I am a rank 15. I am one2dredd :)
Just throwing this out there (I know it's short notice) but I'm going to be on tonight (Friday 4-13-07 time TBD. Most likely around 8 or 9 EST). Maybe we can have an informal ToJ match. Share ideas on how to do better and all that. Because I know I could use a few pointers. I'll try to be on Comrade and Xfire (Dan12R).
I work until about Midnight Eastern but once I catch you I am more than willing to impart my knowledge to you all :). I get beat alot but I am finally winning more than losing.
I'm having major connection issues, makes it very difficult to play... BTW, any word on the new forum?