Conceal and Carry


I never dreamed I would ask such a question and I'm wondering how it effects you and the church. Used to be one could expect a law enforcement employee to carry but it seems that day has changed. I personally don't carry but would like to know which pews hold those that do. How about you?
Our church is a little bit odd.

We use to be considered a cult back in the 90s during the charismatic movement, and because a few ushers concealed carry, that got embellished ALOT and people thought we had armed guards during church and other people's weddings.

Today, i know of a few, I'll probably conceal carry in May after I take a conceal carry class at the local hunting store. There are a few parishioners but overall, its the same ushers who helped build the church that still conceal carry and I only know that because I've been there long enough.

We have talked about possibly having a set of people conceal carry each week in more of a strategic manner in case something ever happened. We have the largest building in town (fits 2300 but we only have 540 weekly attending), and are pretty much the biggest target due to our charismatic background.
Back in the 70's we had one person in our Methodist Church who concealed carried, but he had a good reason for it. He was the county prosecutor in an area that had a lot of backwoods "I'll solve the issue" kind of people. Today at our Salvation Army no one carries, and no one plans on carrying.
Our church has several people who conceal carry for various reasons. I conceal carry almost all the time except when I go into states that don't recognize my permit. My wife carries from time to time. Most of the churches we go into have several people who carry (more often than not, the Pastor carries).
Had a police officer at our church for a while and I'm sure he was carrying. I would but San Diego Sheriff has determined that unless you have a compelling reason (i.e immediate and documented threat) you cannot obtain a permit. Waiting for that lawsuit to finish being in limbo so I at least know what my actual rights are.
That really bothers me... It is clear to anyone that doesn't have an agenda .

....the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
It's not just San Diego.. Up here in Santa Clara county they aren't issued either. California is known as a "shall issue" state, not a "will issue" state. If it wasn't for that, I would carry everywhere, but appearantly "to protect myself and my family" isn't enough of a reason.. The sherif in San Benito county is a little more relaxed, but it's mostly farming down there, so more of a reason? Sadly it's a long 5 miles my house..
Well I hope it's ok to necro old threads, let alone even mention the word. LoL Yes? No? Spaghetti?

Anyways, I don't know how many at my church carry but I do know there are Deputies and retired enforcement people, so who knows?
I personally have a split opinion in this matter, but do favor wisdom over personal understanding. There is always a chance, even 1/30th of a second, to consult The Holy Spirit. But we do tend to copy Paul "The things I do I don't want to do, the things I don't want to do I do."
IF I had a weapon in my possession other than my recurve bows and I had a concealed weapon permit, I wouldn't be afraid to use it if the need arose. However I would be attempting to use my main weapon first: The Word of God.
And no, I don't mean toss my bible at the offender either! I'm not THAT blockheaded!
Anyone feel like people carried extra or more people carried on easter?