Cross Realm Raiding


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Well, we tried inviting a friend from another realm to our ToT normal raid the other night thinking that it might work since patch 5.2 was released. No joy though. It still did not work. I found the following posts. Evidently it works on older raids, just not the newest ones. Anyone have any other info?

"You can invite someone from your realid friendlist to a raidgroup, and you can both enter the same raid together. So let's say you find 6 people on your realm, including yourself, and then you invite your friend from another realm, and he invites another 3, that's a full raid spread across multiple realms, yet you can all enter the same raid. This doesn't work for current tier raids, only previous tiers."

"Cross realm raiding works just as normal raiding, except for the fact that the most current raids aren't available. You can invite people from other realms, for example by meeting them in cross realm enabled zones or by adding them as battletag or real-id friend."
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The reason this doesn't work for the current tier is World and Realm firsts... I know it's silly, but that matters a lot to some people and so Blizz decided they wouldn't let it happen on the current tier. I can't remember where the blue post is for this, but we looked at it before the server transfer.