Daily Audio Bible


Hi everyone.

We are going to have two devotions for CGA this year. This thread is for the first of the two.

Over the past year, I have listened through the Bible. As of 12/31/06, I will have listened through the entire Bible. The experience has been incredible and I would like to encourage each of you to listen in 2007.

Brian Hardin reads from various translations of the Bible through out the year. It is amazing to listen to him and become so absorbed in the Word of God. Brian has agreed to allow me to post a link to the audio files so that our members can listen throughout the year. The Daily Audio Bible is also available though iTunes.

Please let me know what you think of this throughout the year. I hope many join me in this daily experience with God.



Disclaimer: The Daily Audio Bible is administered by Brian Hardin. While this is most assuredly a Christian website, CGA cannot be held liable to the content contained therein. The Daily Audio Bible website is maintained separately from the CGA. Please remember to pray for the Daily Audio Bible and Brian Hardin as he continues to spread God's word.

Thank you Brian for allowing the CGA to link to the Daily Audio Bible and combine our CGA family with that of the Daily Audio Bible.