Daily Devotionals 2005!


Well, it's quickly coming up on a brand spanking new year. As such, we're nearly through with the whole 'My Utmost For His Highest' bit. What this topic is for, is to gauge what devotionals people would be most interested in using (perferably on that is available online).

So, please post suggestions for the Daily Devotionals here.

Also, if you are interested in helping out with the Devotionals post in this thread as well.

Thanks and God bless.
I have a access to a free windows program that has two devotionals per day for an entire year (a morning and an evening).

Key to the statement above: Free windows program. We can copy paste it to the forums plus make it available for download.

I have the program at my office, which I will not be at until tomorrow. I'll upload it and PM you a link to it so you can review it.
You guys have been awesome in your faithfulness. I cannot thank you enough, mostly for your shining example of what it means to patiently serve the LORD.

My all time favorite preacher is Charles Spurgeon and the first link is his. The second is Mrs. Charles Cowman. It amazes me how the Holy Spirit speaks through here devotions. Many times it coorelates exactly with what I am going through that day.

What ever you may decide to do, I would love to lend a hand if needed.


LOL sorry Kidan I posted in Tek's thread in the gen discussion if you care to see what thoughts I have. Blessings,"Angel"
Charles Spurgeon, thats the program I have...I even have it on my palm so I have it everywhere I go.
[b said:
Quote[/b] (Gods_Peon @ Dec. 16 2004,5:18)]Charles Spurgeon, thats the program I have...I even have it on my palm so I have it everywhere I go.
Now we know what keeps you so sweet

YEs!! I am thrilled it is Sprugeon! When you said Windows I envisioned some Bill Gates talks Scripture program!
Tek sounded like he wanted a few to research. While attempting that feat I found a big problem that having a download would remedy...lots of dead links!
Phix, I have heard a lot of peopel say that their yealy Bible reading tended to be hit and miss until they started John McArthur's Yearly Bible.

Will we continue to post a daily devotional here?  I like the convenience of having them here and I am willing to assist if needed

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might;...  Ecclesiastes 9:10