Dawn of War - Dark Crusade!


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For those of you out there who still follow this game, you another thing to get ready for. Another expansion! Amazingly this game is so popular that it has warranted another expansion and is including 2 new races. The new races to be included are the Tau and the Necrons. Im glad they are including the Necrons, they look to be a cool race to use. They actually made a cameo in the Winter Assault capaigns as well. This expansion is set to release in October....I think. Anyways here is the link to the official website.

Dark Crusade
Hey brother, long time not talk. Looks like I may be picking up the GotY edition this weekend and playing again. Sadly I haven't found a RTS that has held my interest the way DoA/WA did when I played them. If I do role back into war, would love to hook up over multiplayer sometime when I get back into homeport late August.
When they release Dark Crusade, will they offer a package with DoW and all expansions? If so, I might set aside a few dollars for the set, as I rather enjoyed the demo for DoW and DoW: Winter Assault when I played them.
That's what I've decided to do, as well, Tek. Got to shopping today and couldn't find the game so I ended up in Suncoast looking at anime. Couldn't decide on a anything and ended up buying season #1 of Entourage.