Do you play M-rated games.

Do you play M-rated games. -

  • Yes, no matter the rating/review

    Votes: 8 100.0%
  • Depends on the rating/review

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  • No, too much can go wrong

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I choose No, too much can go wrong. Sorry in advance if this poll was done before!
It depends on the basis for the rating. At the risk of echoing what I said in a CCGR poll, sexuality (i.e. Vice City) bothers me more than violence and gore (i.e. Metal Gear Solid series).
I go with maxx and i look for the online play may change during online play always doesnt mean bad cause cs is m rated
Ill play them no prob, without basing it on reviews, unless i read many conflicting ones, which ill then usuallyplay the game just to see who or what was rite. Other then that, unless the game is no doubt going to contain explicit sexual content or a ton of swearing, i usually dont have any hesitation/problems playing it.
I find it laughable when all of my pc games except the Warcraft series, are mature games.

The games I do try to avoid is like Duke Nukem 3D, which I own.

Mainly, I just buy the game if I like it a lot, not by rating/review. Like Starcraft, I brought the game a few weeks after its release without looking at their rating/review.
I had a P1 133mhz pc and no shooters other than old Quake, old *cough cough Deus cough*, so I wanted to try out Duke Nukem 3D.  Killing the monsters is ok, but the lame talks and half naked women, right......

So, I avoid any of the 3drealm games, such as, Duke Nukem: Zero Hour, Duke Nukem: Manhattan, the games with Duke Nukem! oh yeah, R.O.T.T (Rise of the.....something), that game was soo anti-christian. And Hexen! Heretic! umm...those kind of games I avoid!
I really don't loo at raitings, if I like a game I'll play it.
Swearing and swxual content doesn't bother me, its no worse than u see on TV.:)

I loved duke nukem, I used to play it alot. Their making a movie on the game I think.:D
yea, no matter the reviews unless they are all bad. Fox: Rise of the Triad i believe its called. Its anti-christian, so what? lighten up.
I'll play them depending on the review/rating. I'll play games such as Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six fine. Games like DOOM and Max Payne bother me, though.
well, i play some m rated games, but always the ones that : a. aren't anti-christian
b. have content control like halo,ut04, rainbow six, AA
c. games that i like
so, basically if i like it and some of the content disabled than i will play it:laugh:
I will play any M rated game except GTA. Its more evil than Doom.....which I have....becuase its an awesome series!
I tend to steer away from them, but it still depends. Rarely am I even interested in an M-rated game. If I am, I will do lots of research and ask questions here to find out more regarding the content. I think I have maybe 3 M-rated games (Half-Life, Starcraft, and No One Lives Forever).
nothing wrong with starcraft
GTA is junk, even though used ot like it before I was saved
warcraft is cool, before #3
the Gothic series is good but some things stirred emotion in me.
Command and conquer series is very lighthearted, with no blood or anything and everything is extra colorful
Sims 2 now has all kinds of sex modes in it
Singles, Is about having sim orgies
Unreal is pretty moronic, kill everyone, yay

Morrowind is great, full freedom.

</end rant>
I voted yes. I really couldn't care less about ESRB ratings anymore. I don't think they're accurate. Anyways, It depends on why it is offensive, and how bad it is. For example, I don't mind killing mercenaries and demons in Ninja Gaiden or terrorists in Rainbow Six, but I definately do mind killing innocent people in GTA. In the same sense, a skipable semi-nude cut-scene in Dead or Alive doesn't bother me the same way that something like The Guy Game or BMX XXX does.

Mechboy - I heard about the Duke Nuken movie several years ago. Do they still plan on making it?

ByblosHex - I used to like GTA as well. I was already a "Christian" but at the time I really wasn't living like it. I share your opinion on Unreal as well. The game's content doesn't bother me, but I think it's pretty pointless and gets boring.