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That was a joke that, sort of, has something to do with this topic. EA's Mac coder, Aspyr Media(they convert games to the Mac) have announced that they will release Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb for the Mac, but it requires 800mHz. Same with Elite Force 2. My new comp is 400 mHz too slow! Dag nab it! Am I missing out on anything? Anyone? Because the Indy Jones game isn't coming to the Gamecube, and I'm pretty sure it won't run on my new iMac. If I can't run the game, well I'm just gonna have to go old school on everyone, and play Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, which I never beat, and I'll talk about the great graphics from 1993. Those were the days...anyway, are those games any good at all? Thanks.
You may be better not getting them.  Funny....I was so excited about both of those games and have decided to buy neither one.

I was even trying to complete "Infernal Machine" before the new Indy came out.  But I ended up getting Freelancer and NOT the Jones game.  I wasn't impressed with the reviews for "Emp's Tomb".  I got the impression, too, that you can't save during gameplay.  Only after completing missions.  With jumping puzzles and such, that sounded like potential for some annoying sequences to replay.  Anyone play this?  I know MaxX has tried out the demo.

With Elite Force 2, I was extremely disappointed with the demo.  Yeah, I know it was supposedly not even close to the final version, but it seriously left a bad taste in my mouth.  Bad triggers.  Sequences that didn't make sense.  The reviews haven't been raving.  If gameplay was HIGH, I would probably get it, but gameplay is in the B's.  It sounds like it's mostly all shooter.  Sounds different from the original.