Donapacem and Arwki


The forest was dense and the foilage was making travel difficult for the pair as they raced through with incredible speeds. Cuts and bruises appeared on their hands and faces as the branches and brush resisted with a ferocity, but they just couldn't stop! They were almost there. Almost safe. Almost, but not quite.

As Donapacem and Arwki reached the clearing's edge, they stopped immediatly. At the center, their ship known as the Coronet Star lay in wait for them. The Coronet Star was a modified Corellian transport ship specially designed for long-term jedi missions and had been a faithful companion to Arwki and Donapacem for many years. It would have been a welcome sight to these two knights had it not been for the clone trooper's presence. The two would have to fight their way to the ship and attempt to escape before Vader arrived. They were almost the last of their kind and sought desparately to avoid the now proclaimed jedi hunt.

(Donapacem and Arwki are two of the guild's budding friars. These series of short stories explain their arrival to Camelot. Besides, weren't there Britians on the death star? hehe)


Jedi Knight Donapacem ignited his saber staff, ready for the battle, but Jedi Knight Arwki only put his hand on his friend's shoulder. "See if you can hold them off." he whispered. "I'll be right back." With that, Dona was left alone.

Sgt. Odale was standing in the clearing with his troopers on orders to shoot and kill any trespassers. He had heard word that the two jedi scum were on their way back to the ship, and his men were in position. It was tiring work, hunting down the enemies of the rising empire, but it was one that had to be done. Sgt. Odale was already very well decorated for his past successful campaigns, and was hoping to add this one to his record. "There he is!" cried a trooper from the side of the ship, catching the Sgt.'s attention. Immediatly he turned to the direction of the pointed finger to see a brown-robed jedi standing by one of the trees. On order, 5 missiles were fired from troopers positioned on top of the ship and screamed toward their target. At the point of impact, there was an incredible explosion, sending bark and brush every which way.

A couple troopers were motioned forward to check out the charred area. Upon arrival, they found no trace of body or bones. However, one did spot a small piece of metal lying on the ground. A piece of a light saber perhaps? Upon picking it up, he noticed it appeared to be some sort of holo projector. Before he could report his findings, a green blur passed through his neck. His companions turned to defend themselves, but were soon on the ground in pieces.

Donapacem came charging out of the woods, deflecting the onslaught of laserfire. With his staff twirling and spinning about his body, he reflected the fire back while sending helmet and arms flying every which way. Another missle came screaming towards the jedi, but with a quick force push, it was deflected towards Sgt. Odale, who happen to dodge in the nick of time.

A laser blast ripped through Dona's arm, sending him to the ground in pain, and one of the troopers quickly kicked away the lightsaber, which was immediatly shot and destroyed by another. Odale raised his hand to cease the fire, as he knew his prey to be vulnerable. "Well Jedi." he said pulling out his weapon. "I, Sgt. Odale McMeowMeow, do hereby sentence you to death by order of the emperor."

Donapacem was kneeling on the ground, cradling his injured arm. He could very easily have pulled the weapon out of Odale's hand and used it to defend himself, but he also knew that any sudden movement would have sent a volley of unstoppable shots towards him. His mind raced, partially on what to do and partially on where his friend had gone to as he could not sense Arwki anywhere in the forest around them. His only real option would have been to force leap out of the frey and try to make a run for it. But an incoming trooper transport was now hovering hover him, closing his escape route.

<Arwki! Where are you?> he called out with his mind.

<jump!> came a sudden reply



He looked up and suddenly realized that Arwki was flying the ship above.

"Goodbye Jedi." said Odale as he fired the weapon, but the shot only hit the ground harmlessly as Donapacem lept wildly into the air into the open side of the transport ship. "What the?" he cried.

"Welcome aboard!" called Arwki as he drove the ship away from the scene.

"What about the Coronet Star?"

"I'm sure you and I could have gotten it from them, but chances are, it would have had some sort of tracking bug on it. I didn't want to take that risk."


"Hang on!" Arwki started the ship's ascent, but had done so later than he had hoped. Proving the ground was a squadron of the new fighter ships known as TIEs. The squadron had spotted the rouge transport and lay in a course to pursue. Arwki whiteknuckled the controls as he furiously dodged the lasers while Dona painfully made his way to the weapons turret.