Dual Spec Discussion (loot, raid expectations, etc)

Hunter's can use this a great deal, mabye less than some but there are significant changes they can make.

Each the the 3 trees of hunter talents brings different advantages to a raid.

Marksman offers significant ranged dps along with trueshot aura.

Beast mastery has ferocious inspiration which gives +3% raid crit chance along with a pet that can stand more of a beating against a boss.

Survival offers greater stamina to the player, raid mana regeneration, and multiple ways of CC through wyvern shot and traps to slow or freeze enemies.

I think that many hunters in the guild would find dual spec useful, if it can be changed easily then survival build with superior traps and AoE damage for trash, and survival or marksmanship depending on the boss and what needs to be done, keeping frost traps where adds spawn could make an offtanks job easier, and allow more AoE on groups of adds to bring them down quickly.
I see no use for dual on hunters unless you are PVPing alot and want to raid. I carry two sets around, one that is more crit based and another that is more hit/ap based but the talents won't make a huge difference between trash and bosses.

About the only reason I'd carry a dual-spec on a hunter would be either for swapping between raids and PVP, as you said, or if you're doing lots of Ulduar runs. There's a boss in ulduar that stops all mana regeneration except replenishment. Being a survival hunter would be a real help in that fight.

Still, 1000g just for one boss is kind of ridiculous.

I suppose another option would be what Jacki's doing with her druid: a spec for single target DPS and a spec for AOE DPS. Not sure how different that would be for a hunter, though.
My warrior will be arms/tank.

My pally will be ret pve and ret pvp.

In response to the questions regarding looting, I don't see how dual speccing changes looting systems. You sign up for a raid for a given role, whether it be tanking, dps, healing. Main specs have been and should continue to be determined by what role you are filling.

Dual speccing simply allows raids or players to fill different roles easier than before. Keep in mind it was still possible pre patch. Hearth respec and summon.

If people are being required by the raid to fill tank and dps, then I can see justification for rolling on dps and tanking loot, but that should be agreed upon by the raid and as has already been said, the person should not get more main spec rolls on loot. I honestly don't see how this could be different from before. If your dpsing half the time as a tank, you need dps gear to do that job better imo.

What I will not stand for is people thinking they can roll on their off spec as if it were a main spec role.

Anyways, just my two cents.

With respect to the resto druid's and soloing; once you reach about 2k in spellpower, a resto druid solo's just fine. My problem with Tierc is going to be finding some +hit gear for a boomkin off-spec, as I think his rating stands at +26 or so, where about 300 is needed. I had previously DE'ed anything with +hit as it was near worthless to a healer.

The only two I am considering going Duel - Spec for is 1) priest, as he can actually heal near heroic lvl with his shadow spec/gear already, I would like this to be an option. 2) druid, though not soon. Again, has the SPower already, just needs the +hit. I am almost considering hunter duel-spec just for fun, so I can bring out my spirit beat periodically.
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